Unchurched “Prophecy Update” Teachers, Rebels & Charlatans

The Fog of Misfitville & The Churchless Rebellious Weirdo Prophecy Teachers

In light of the abundance of “prophecy update” videos churned out by churchless weirdos (aka self-proclaimed Bible “experts”) on YouTube, I thought I’d take a look at what causes them to appear on the scene, and why the vast majority of their internet followers exhibit signs of madness when they gather on social media and try to compute events like the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Uprooted of Stratum Heights: The Rebellion of the Purged in Secular Society and Church Society

There are an awful lot of “Bible teachers” who use the internet as their platform instead of a church pulpit. Once you dig deeper it’s amazing to find how many of them seem to dislike the actual church especially in regards to its levels of authority, and that’s partly why they set themselves up as lone wolves speaking to people who seem to have the same issues. So I take a look at the comparisons between the way rebels are treated in society and the way they are treated by church by taking into account the way God created and gave laws to both for the benefit of all, and all of this to conclude how such rebel anti-church Bible teachers should be viewed by church-goers like myself.

As with the last video, I use two well-known examples of church-hating rebels: Jacob Prasch and Servus Christi.


Coming To You From a City Far Away: The Quack, The Boy, & The Internet Age

Fledgling societies with unskilled persons taking the strain of leadership positions with the pioneering populations prone to have their heads turned: this was a breeding ground for quacks and religious charlatans to make a killing. This video compares that milieu of the likes of fraud and supreme quack John Brinkley and his fake medicine with the eerily similar milieu of present-day religious charlatan Jacob Prasch with his fake spiritual medicine of Midrash, and “The Boy” both men used to convince their audiences.

You can read about John Brinkley in an excellent book by Pope Brock titled ‘Charlatan’ http://www.popebrock.com/charlatan/
And of course you can find out too much about Jacob Prasch on this here website.


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