The Witness Lee Cult

Jim Moran

From 1997 to 2003 a Christian named Jim Moran posted articles on his simple website that critiqued the Witness Lee quasi-Christian cult known as ‘The Lord’s Recovery’ a.k.a. ‘The Local Church’. It apparently deeply irritated the cult to the point that when Jim passed away, the cult seized all Jim’s writings and his website and slapped copyright on them all, hiding them from the world, which was quite intriguing behaviour!
As a cult researcher I thought it would be helpful to discover what Jim’s articles said that required the cult he spoke against to go to such extreme lengths as a means of aiding dissonance reduction for their cult members.
Having uncovered Jim’s long-lost articles I’ve turned them into audio so that you can also research what was going on.


Justyn from The Bereans in The Philippines who was in touch with Jim Moran, wrote an article about experiences with the Witness Lee cult which you can read here.

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