The Servus Christi Cult

Servus Christi is the channel3 and moniker of Joshua Chavez (aka Joshua Malone), a kind of Jacob Prasch Junior, a guy who hasn’t fitted into the church/denominations because he clearly isn’t a Christian as he bears no fruit of the Spirit as per Galatians 5’s list of identifiers of Christians.

Servus Christi has for a few years taken out his aggression on the church that has correctly rejected him by attacking various leading figures in it such as John MacArthur, Chris Rosebrough, Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Doreen Virtue, Todd Friel, etc.  His modus operandi is to sadly yet quite hilariously use the same mode of attack again and again on his targets, that being the Jacob Prasch Patented ‘6 Degrees of Separation/Damnation Theory’, a system of thought that in essence says one person is damned to eternal hell as a false teacher if they ever were in the mildest contact with a person who is—in Servus Christi’s warped mind—already a false teacher.  As both Servus Christi and Jacob Prasch operate an additional mode of thinking which says everybody who doesn’t have the exact same beliefs as them in every area are false teachers anyway, that mode of thinking combined with the 6 Degrees of Separation/Damnation Theory means literally everybody on earth can be found to be “guilty” of being a false teacher by Prasch and Christi, thus we see the endless stream of videos of them both denouncing everybody as false teachers.


As Jacob Prasch who came before him eventually gathered a cult of disciples who hung on his every word, Servus Christi has begun to have the same results, with similarly disenfranchised “Christians” and/or mindless attack-oriented, revenge-plotting churchless types bearing grudges following him, repeating the same inane and illogical mode of thinking that is debunked not only with reason and logic, but straight common sense.

When Servus Christi was hired by Jacob Prasch in summer 2018 as his new social media man for Prasch’s Moriel Ministries (a position he held until December 2019), the pair became renamed by myself as Beavis Christi & Butthead Prasch with their “Christian” version of MTV (Moriel TV), and together they produced inane attack videos and went on a series of witch-hunts which were exposed as Monty Pythonesque and idiotic by myself and others.


During Servus Christi’s time at Moriel TV, I referenced him frequently in my so-far 39 episode, 3 season epic The Jacob Prasch Cult, specifically when Servus Christi was caught pretending to be a woman named Lydia on YouTube when his master Prasch was caught up in a misogyny scandal and “Lydia” was trying to write positive comments from a female angle about the discredited Prasch:


…and then in the episode where the pair of idiots tried to attack Amir Tsarfati, and the newly named “Lydia Chavez” and Prasch were pictured as the witch-hunting pair of thugs that they are:


Because of Servus Christi pretending to be a woman, he was called ‘gender fluid‘ by spiritual abuse researcher Graham Baldwin who began an investigation into Prasch and Moriel, and found Prasch to be guilty of several counts of spiritual abuse.  Graham also ridiculed Servus Christi’s research and called him nothing but a troublemaker:

Chris Rosebrough has also ridiculed Servus Christi for his inane mode of thinking and debunked the illogicality of his damnation system:

…yet, as that one system of damning people is Servus Christi’s whole raison d’être, he has persisted in peddling it in the face of deserved scorn.  The humour of watching someone persist in falsehood is very funny, and because Servus Christi has persisted in rank idiocy, his shortened real name Chav/Mr. Chav has begun to become known in apologetics circles as the face/embodiment of the illogical person as seen in these 2 videos:

Servus Christi has, like Jacob Prasch, gathered around him like-minded simpletons who utter the same type of illogical hodgepodge of inanity in the hopes of bringing down big names and satiate their desire for blood, thus not becoming Christlike but Beavis Christilike.  

Chris Rosebrough covered “Lydia” Chavez in his overview of Jacob Prasch’s “doomsday cult“, complete with a picture of Lydia with her best feminine hairstyle yet:

One of the Servus Christi cult’s early targets was Todd Friel of Wretched Radio, who made this response:

…and more recent target Justin Peters gave this response to the inane attack he received from the Servus Christi cult:

…and then responded again with a quite epic dismantling of Beavis Christi and his mate Butthead Prasch (until the 2019 divorce):

Alan ‘The Polite Leader‘ responded too:

And Frank Rogers has looked at him too:

…and Frank uploaded evidence of Servus Christi harassing a church like an imbecile, asking how much the pastor gets paid, ironically before Chavez joined Moriel whose own leader, Jacob Prasch, LIED about not getting paid, then staged a cover-up:

But in the face of clear refutation after clear refutation, Prasch the organ grinder and his monkey Servus Christi, with nothing else to play, keep playing the same song, and their followers keep clapping along, despite it being an ultra-repetitive dirge played out of key, causing both Prasch and Servus Christi to become caricatures of their own making, which comedian Simon Ginks lampooned in SNL style:

…and then lampooned the a-typical response of the ardent disciples of Servus Christi, easily triggered as they are by the pain of cognitive dissonance in having their selected thinker questioned:

Hopefully you’ll find this list of resources helpful in looking at the sad and mad world of Servus Christi, and it will help you understand what is going on behind that remarkably small forehead of his.


For Matt.

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