The Jacob Prasch Files


Thanks to Australian website archival website Trove I uncovered evidence of Jacob Prasch’s Satanic behaviour as far back as 1998, most documented by the at-the-time Moriel Australia contact Henry Sheppard.  The records Henry put together demonstrates for us now 20+ years later that Prasch’s present behaviour is exactly the same as then, which means he has never changed, despite Prasch’s associates assuring theologian David Pawson in a 1998 arbitration hearing that they’d make Prasch accountable as a means of stopping him lashing out indescriminately at anyone who disagrees with him.

These documents ably demonstrate therefore that Prasch, quite from growing in Christlikeness as any Christian will, has not demonstrated any of the fruit of the Spirit in 20+ years, and has instead grown in Satanlikeness, and has been a loose cannon in all the time which has caused a trail of devastation and spiritual abuse behind him.  The documents make important reading in understanding not only who Prasch is, but also gives insight into what his associates are like.

No.1: David Pawson’s 1998 Report on Prasch’s Behaviour

No.2: Prasch Damns His Chosen Arbiter David Pawson!

No.3: Prasch the “Malevolent and Breathtakingly Ungrateful Thug”

No.4: Moriel Australia Inc. & Prasch’s “List of Imaginary JW Supporters and Heretics”

No.5: “Head-kicking” Benny Hinn, and “Culling” Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” Subscribers

No.6: Prasch: Pastor or Predator?

No.7: Prasch: “Women Are Vulnerable to Spiritual Seduction More Than Men Are”

No.8: Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups”

My hope is that the works of Henry Sheppard compiled with present day research by these folks listed below may help you be able to identify spiritual abusers and cultic pseudo-Christian personality cults like Prasch’s.

Comprehensive List of Reporters, Researchers, and Whistleblowers of Prasch’s Godless Antics:

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