The Jacob Prasch cult

In Fall 2018 a Jewish-American fringe Bible teacher called Jacob Prasch from a ministry called Moriel turned on a handful of Christian ministries (Bread of Life Ministries in South Africa, Global Vision 24/7 in Scotland, and Intercessors for Britain in the UK) because of wholly illegitimate reasons, to the point that Prasch campaigned all over social media in denouncing them as heretics.

Consequently I began making videos debunking his claims from scriptural and logical positions, ultimately revealing Prasch to be just a blowhard deceiver with an astonishing capacity to twist Scripture to say whatever he wants.

When Prasch saw the first 2 of my videos, he doubled-down, ignored all the evidence presented against him, and upped the ante by saying the proven innocent people were no longer just heretics, they were now ‘apostates’, and Prasch added John MacArthur and even myself to his hit-list. Prasch avoided dealing with the wealth of evidence gathered against himself in these first 2 videos that easily disputed everything he said, and he did what apologist James White isolated as the Prasch tactic to avoid dealing with the facts and truth: he threw a smoke bomb, changed the subject, and ran off. What he left his cultish followers was the fool notion that he alone can understand the Bible correctly, despite his understanding being so twisted as to conclude logically that Jesus appeared in Proverbs 8 as a woman, and that Jesus was in error when He taught in Matthew 12 and Mark 3 that only one sin is unforgivable since Prasch says there are TWO sins that are unforgivable.

Muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu. (If unreason comes, reason goes).

A tragicomedy in 10 parts…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10


Epilogue Pt.2


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