Other Clowns

Here are some critiques of non-Bethel teachers:

Manasseh Jordan has arisen out of Benny Hinn’s ‘crusades’ and now performs the same ridiculous farce of shoving people over in churches and caterwauling. Whereas Hinn’s followers are predominantly white, Jordan’s are predominantly African-American.

In this video Jordan claims there is a form of prosperity called “now prosperity” and demonstrates an almost unparalleled mishandling of the Bible, all the while feeling “anointed” by God:

After a couple of years since my last critique on him, I return to catch up on self-proclaimed “prophet” Manasseh Jordan and his dad, the similarly self-proclaimed “master prophet” E. Bernard Jordan, to find the former has been slapped with at least 15 lawsuits, leaving the latter scrounging off of 6.66k stupid people. A bit of an unforseen end for a family of “prophets” who according to themselves seem so easily to hear the future from God, and gad around with that pillar of the phophetic, Benny Hinn! It’s ‘almost’ as if they weren’t quite what their plastic film sets had painted them as being!

To register a complaint about Manasseh Jordan’s nuisance calls (illegal ‘robocalls’) to you (which, if they were unsolicited, can now cost Manasseh $500-$1000 per call) speak to the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov as recommended in the ABC Action news report seen inside the above video. That excellent exposé by ABC can be watched separately here: m.youtube.com/watch?v=u_ksJgrG89E


Next up is a critique of Lou Engle’s recent appearance on CBN promoting his Rise Up women’s gathering at The Mall of Washington D.C. in October 9th 2017. In it the feminist agenda clarion call is heard loud and clear, Scripture is twisted, and the words of Elijahlist.com false prophet Francis Frangipane are heard:

Perry Stone is a modern day John Brinkley, entertaining people with song and dance, then selling something utterly useless and damaging. In this teaching he misreads Scripture to force a farcical conclusion that whatever you give to God monetarily will be doubled by God in return. The people whoop and holler in appreciation of hearing this simple method of gaining the thing they worship: money.
The video deals with the various aspects of manipulation employed to con stupid people out of money.

This is a video about a word from ‘god’ that Johnny Enlow posted on ElijahList.com, the website knucklehead false prophets congregate on and spread their manure through. In the article Enlow says Joel Osteen the ultimate ‘Money Preacher’ is “popular in heaven”:

Short critique of Joyce Meyer reading a description about false teachers and their characteristics, basically describing herself in many ways:

A look at the life and prophecies of South African televangelist Kim Clement, specifically ones about Katy Perry, Earthquakes in Japan, and Robert Mugabe:

This is a critique of the teaching contained in the now otherwise lost segment of Andy Stanley’s sermon “When Gracie Met Truthy” wherein he tells a story about an immoral couple in his church. It is baffling yet explains in large measure why so many people go to his church(es):

3 thoughts on “Other Clowns

  1. Kim Clement, although dead, still has various supporters trying to convince the world his prophecies were really from God. In 2018 Kim’s daughter Donné Clement Petruska reposted a video of Kim prophesying in 2013 about a great revival coming out of California. This has been connected to the Kanye West fall 2019 Church Services. (youtu.be/GLtBRNu8yk0)
    However, the Kim ‘prophecy’ from 2013 clearly states the revival will come from “Hispanics”, not African-Americans: (youtu.be/_3WpvfIcd7E?t=559)


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