Exposé Special: The South African Job (A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making)

Amos Farrell the Ultra member of the Jacob Prasch personality cult has just released a video he has been sitting on for nearly 3 months. It becomes apparent very quickly why it was held back for so long, and anybody with even half a brain inside the cult would have deleted it. Amos doesn’t have even half a brain though, thus he has made and released to the public the SINGLE MOST DAMAGING ACCIDENTAL LEAK about Jacob Prasch EVER. Now bear in mind Amos has done some amazingly idiotic things to accidentally undermine his thinker and protector Prasch over the past 16 months, from launching a bovine conspiracy theory to attack Prasch’s enemy, faking a police report to cover up Prasch’s spiritual abuse, to capturing Prasch admitting he’s a fake Jew, but this new botched video by serial video-botcher Amos, lifts the lid on a ongoing Jacob Prasch caper in South Africa going back 21 years that in just a few minutes utterly destroys Moriel and Prasch. Well done Amos!

The Thirteen Shameless Enablers of Malevolent Thug Cult Leader Jacob Prasch


In 2018 the ‘Christian’ ‘teacher’ Jacob Prasch was widely exposed as a spiritual abuser by a British charity Catalyst who deal with people abused by cults and nefarious religious groups. The evidence against Prasch was presented by the charity initially in a 31 minute video. By late Spring 2019 the charity had released 2 follow-up videos bringing the information about Prasch’s demonic behaviour of abuse, lies, slander, bullying, and financial deception to a runtime of 2+ hours. Various other researchers also documented Prasch’s behaviour and exposed Prasch as being even worse, with his pattern of demonic/demonised behaviour being traced back to 1998 when he was first recorded slandering and attacking Christians with fake information. By November 2019 a record of an arbitration process between Prasch and his then target of lies, the Elim Denomination, from 1998, which respected theologian David Pawson oversaw, was re-released after being lost for 20 years. In the dozen-page arbitration report, Pawson pointed out how Prasch’s attacking of people was aided by his ‘ministry’ Moriel Ministries having a name that hinted at special revelation—‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’—and his followers treated Prasch as a person whose word was the final word and their authority. Pawson had been assured by Prasch’s 1990s associates at the conclusion of the arbitration process that they would act to rein in his behaviour and hold him accountable for his actions. Fast-forward to 2019 and it was clear none of this had ever happened, indeed the new group of ‘associates’ Prasch had gathered around him were even more ineffectual than his 1990s ones at holding him accountable, for they all worked to excuse Prasch’s behaviour and his spiritual abuse, and even went to some extreme lengths to get him off the hook!

By Fall 2019, information in text and video format had been widely disseminated detailing Prasch’s long-term pattern of godless behaviour, and as his associates knew about it and had responded to it by excusing him, their persistence in shielding Prasch from blame or accountability or consequences for his actions to the detriment of those Christians who had been and were presently being slandered afresh by Prasch, rendered those associates his spiritual abuse enablers. The initial list of those shameful enablers totalled 7 individuals and 1 group. They were:

Marco Quintana
David Lister
Servus Christi
Amos Farrell
Mike Benade
John Haller
Bill Randles


After the list was published and the enablers named and shamed for their enabling the spiritual abuse to continue, I produced a video warning churches about their hosting of Prasch. Of the enabling 8, the only one subsequently struck off the list has been Iowan minister Bill Randles. He wasn’t struck off by his own choice, however, because he persistently enabled Prasch for many months until Prasch inexplicably decided to attack him with faked information. Since the Enabling Eight list was published, other self-described ‘Christians‘ in various levels of ‘Christian’ ‘ministry‘ have come out from under their rocks to enable Prasch in spiritually abusing, bullying, slandering and lying about people. As they are aware of Prasch’s godless behaviour, the time for them to gain the courage and hold him to account has long since been and gone. Consequently these are The Thirteen Shameless Enablers of Malevolent Thug Cult Leader Jacob Prasch:

1. Marco Quintana

Californian minister and Moriel board member Marco Quintana has appeared alongside Jacob Prasch in 2 conferences after having filmed himself publicly lying about Prasch to excuse his behaviour, claiming on his church video channel that “no evidence” existed against Prasch, despite it being in existence in quite vast quantities. Marco has also denied the evidence Prasch is a fake Jew and was filmed in the UK late 2019 confirming the pure fiction that Prasch is Jewish. When asked to provide supporting evidence he remained quiet as there is no supporting evidence.

2. David Lister

David Lister is Prasch’s Moriel Ministries “secretary/treasurer” who has worked behind the scenes defending Prasch. He was recently filmed trying to encourage baffled Filipino children to wave at a camera in a propaganda effort for Prasch that tried to show what donations to Moriel resulted in—of course without informing givers that he himself personally takes a $90,000 salary, considerably more than the whole filmed Filipino outreach received, and Prasch takes $147,000 (Prasch’s slice of the Moriel donations pie is 25.2% of all revenue, resulting in an hourly wage of $70+).

3. Servus Christi

Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez worked for Prasch as his Moriel TV social media person until December 2019. During the time he produced documents and video that used Praschesque slander to attack Prasch’s accusers and attempted to excuse his boss’s behaviour. He also was caught in the rank deception of pretending to be a Christian woman named Lydia online in his efforts to show Christian women being supportive of Prasch in the midst of claims that Prasch slandered and lied about Christian women as well as making them feel “uncomfortable” when in their presence. Chavez has since moved away from Moriel but still promotes Prasch’s work and produces videos like Prasch’s designed to attack denominations and church leaders to cause division—the deed God declares as “abominable” in His sight in Proverbs 6:19.

4. Amos Farrell

Amos Farrell is a former police officer who has adopted Jacob Prasch as his thinker and protector. During Fall 2018 Amos produced a video that attacked Prasch’s targets with nonsense lies, and outed himself as a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, his scope of reality so narrowed by being so deep in Prasch’s personality cult’s echo chamber, that he believed and declared publicly a relatively obscure South African Bible teacher named David Nathan (who Prasch attacked) had launched the New World Order, which in itself demonstrated how his world and thinking revolved entirely around Prasch. By Spring 2019 Amos had upped the ante by using his credentials as a former police officer to release a document illegitimately on behalf of the British Police excusing Prasch’s behaviour. When Servus Christi left Moriel TV, Amos Farrell replaced him and immediately used his new platform to appear alongside Prasch where he publicly named one of Prasch’s female victims, a 69-year-old lady who had stood up against his bullying tactics and was driven by Prasch’s spiritual abuse to the brink of suicide by him LYING that she had been married more than once—she has been married once only—and that she and her husband live apart—they live together in London where his health isn’t great. In the secular world they would have been sued into the ground for such cruel and baseless lies. In February/March 2020 he released a heavily manipulated set of hour+ videos presenting his thinker and protector Prasch in a fake news studio attacking people and denominations, stating both that John Calvin ran a version of the Islamic Taliban, and that Calvinism and Islam are basically the same, with Amos’s propaganda piece being heavily reliant on presenting Prasch as being legitimised as God’s spokesman by having the ‘setplastered all over with the name ‘Moriel’ and ‘God is my teacher’.

5. John Angliss
6. Ian Huxham
7. Paul Sherbird

During Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 the charity Catalyst contacted the only group in authority over Prasch, the minister’s group CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International) to ask them to hold Prasch accountable as they were meant to do. They refused and instead released documents in full support of Prasch. Their council of elders who have persistently colluded with Prasch rather than hold him to a Biblical standard let alone a basic standard of human decency, are John Angliss (chairman), Ian Huxam (overseas co-ordinator), and Paul Sherbird (secretary). The group have kept a close lookout for Prasch and contacted him about negative exposés most likely to protect their total facade of an image (the group is reported to hand out qualifications via paid membership). CMFI have allowed existing members to leave CMFI in protest of their association with Prasch all as a means of maintaining their association with their laughably apparent jewel in their crown Prasch (their famous member).

8. Mike Benade

Mike Benade is a South African retired Police Captain who put his name to the previously mentioned ‘police’ document countersigned by Amos Farrell, this time on behalf of the South African Police, as a means of giving an official clearing of Prasch’s behaviour from a governmental body Benade no longer works for. Benade was also exposed as being the “retired captain” who Prasch roped into trying to pressure his former colleagues into turning up at a female South African Prasch critic’s house to put the scarers on her.

9. John Haller

John Haller is the morbidly obese minister from Ohio’s Fellowship Bible Chapel who has worked hard to give Prasch credibility over the past year by speaking at his conference in Canada in Fall 2019 where Haller—who is known widely for his weekly prophecy ‘updates’—deliberately faked a prophecy update as a means of excusing Prasch’s behaviour to his audience in Canada and thousands online. Haller foolishly used the faked update to highlight fallen godless minister James MacDonald’s act of upping his church salary to cover the increased mortgage for his new larger home he moved to at the same time, when that very year the person he was trying to excuse, Prasch, had similarly moved to a new home and upped his salary from $91,000 to $147,000.

10. Sandy Simpson

Sandy is one of the Moriel Ministries ‘missionaries’. He has persistently defended Prasch in emails to critics and resolutely refused to interact with the evidence against Prasch, despite rather counterintuitively presenting himself as a ‘discernment’ minister. Sandy also presents himself as a missionary to Micronesia on the Moriel donations page of their website, despite Sandy living in North Carolina and his communication with Micronesia being…via the internet.

11. Charles Jardine

Charles Jardine runs a radio channel called Azimuth Radio TV which is similar to Amos Farrell’s which promotes Prasch’s material. In late 2019 Jardine assisted Prasch in creating the aforementioned Filipino propaganda video. In December 2019 he used his channel to re-upload Prasch’s Christmas Eve slander video in which Amos publicly named one of Prasch’s female victims as a means to slander her further making his channel a willing propaganda and slander arm for Prasch.

12. Steve Mitchell

Steve is the minister of Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio. It is therefore Steve who allows John Haller to publicly support Prasch, and who personally must allow Prasch to yearly take to the pulpit there and slander and attack denominations and Christian leaders. As Steve’s church has been the leading ministry to promote Prasch to a wide audience of tens of thousands, Mitchell has been expected to hold the person he frequently allows in his pulpit (even when apparently heavily drunk) to a matching level of public account, but he has been silent on the matter, and has thus enabled Prasch perhaps more than all the others. As the time for action by associated Christian ministry leaders has long since gone, Steve Mitchell through his deafening silence has loudly announced he is willing to enable the spiritual abuser Prasch.

13. Meno Kalisher

Prasch announced in December 2019 that he’d be sharing the stage with the respected Israel-based teacher Meno Kalisher at his March 2020 Moriel Northern Conference. I warned Meno publicly not to be associated with Prasch as Prasch was using Meno’s name and Jewish connection as a means of gaining him credibility in churches after the series of otherwise career-ending exposés. I stated Meno would ultimately be classed as an enabler of Prasch if he went ahead with the gig. Nonetheless Meno decided to forge ahead and on Friday 13th March 2020 he appeared at the Northern Conference via Skype—due to the Coronavirus he couldn’t travel but didn’t take it as a way out of the situation—thus he granted the godless Prasch the credibility he wanted and the source of narcissistic supply he craved, so Meno became, fittingly, the 13th member of The Shameless Enablers. Interestingly Meno used the conference to call out the New Apostolic Reformation for their “herecies” and alluded to an investigation done into an Israel-based NAR group, but obviously he had no problem with Prasch teaching Jesus is Kabbalah figure Metatron, and the investigation done on him

All of the above listed men have chosen publicly to enable a man who shows no signs of salvation, bears no fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5), yet brazenly acts out half the deeds of the flesh (also Galatians 5), whose rapsheet of lies/abuse/deception has subsequently outgrown the long list of 50 major sins recorded here last year, with Prasch even going so far as to use the church pulpit to boast to ‘Christians’ that he’d slept with one of the wives of The Rolling Stones (password: Stones). As all those cowardly men have chosen to cast aside God’s Word and standard in order to enable their spiritual abuser mate, and perhaps to use their association with him to increase their own hollow online audience, they need to be outed publicly as The Thirteen Shameless Enablers of Malevolent Thug Cult Leader Jacob Prasch, in the rather slim hope that they will publicly repent of their work in promoting an abuser who continues in slanderous damaging acts against Christians and Christian ministries—damage The Thirteen men had the capacity to use their voices to stop, but in their enabling are just as culpable for.


Beyond the 13 faces in ‘Christian‘ ‘ministry‘ enabling Prasch, there are also their groups/churches and other gatherings (also totalling 13) who Prasch still affiliates himself with—places Prasch is invited to (or invites himself to) to gain credibility from and to act out the deeds of the flesh from. Those 13 Moriel Affiliates are found here on the Moriel website and are listed below:

Community Church of Devore
1431 Devore Road
Devore, CA 92407
Tel: (909) 880-4161
Marco Quintana

The Crossway Fellowship
Bournemouth, Dorset
UK Fred Wilding 01929 761679

Emmanuel Fellowship
N. Ireland
John Byers 01365 387126

Fellowship Bible Chapel
East Wing Community Center
151 East Orange Road
Lewis Center, Oh 43035
USA John Haller 614-305-5152

The Fellowship of Servants
Rear of 42 Pond Lane
All Saints
Wolverhampton, WV2 1HG
Teerth Sond 07401777669

Keynsham Bristol (Misqav Ladach)
Bristol UK
Tony Lewis 0117-9405715

Mending the Nets Christian Fellowship
17 Christopher Avenue
Port Elizabeth, 6070
South Africa Mike Benade 0829540713

Open Door
9 East 7th Street
New York City , New York 10003
(corner of 3rd Ave and East 7th Street)
Phone: 201-960-9336 USA
Davidd Rizzetto

Pilgrim Fellowship
Benoni South Africa
Meet Sunday 10:00 AM
Alistair Gordon 0798964402
Dave Newman 0824514784

Moriel Fellowship
72 Eddie De Beer Street
Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein
South Africa
Chris De Wet Mobile Cell 0825500281

New Life Pentecostal Church Winsford
436, High Street, Winsford,
Cheshire CW7 2DS UK
Malcolm Betts
01606 592176

Pilgrim Fellowship
John Kidd
Michael Shafton

Reddish Christian Fellowship
74 Broadstone Road Stockport,
Tel: 0161 432 7155 UK

Moriel Northern Conference 2020

I saw on the Moriel website that Jacob Prasch  has been struggling to shift tickets for his 2020 Moriel Northern Conference seeing as the website has for a month now had the warning that registration is closing. Apparently that warning was more an attempt to trigger the social psychology heuristic of scarcity wherein people are more likely to want something if the something is in short supply. The way it works is if people are made aware a stock of something is almost sold out, the heuristic cue (or mental short cut) people take is to think if it is nearly sold out it must be really good! Shops use faux scarcity all the time to trigger that reaction to get rid of old stock or just to drive up sales. However the thinking person won’t take the heuristic cue and will instead ponder, and reckon whilst there may be a scarcity, there also may not be, and they don’t need the object anyway, so they, after thinking a bit, pass by happy that they haven’t been fleeced and aren’t having to engage in post-choice dissonance to rationalise their mistake of buying something they didn’t need.

With Prasch, declaring a month ago that registration was “closing” yet is still using that trigger 2 days before the conference starts tells me

1) Nobody bought the basic psychological ploy because they were rational and realised Prasch isn’t worth anything to them

2) The pool of cult members has drained so that few are left to be triggered by the psychological ploy

I reckon the truth would be a bit of both with emphasis on the latter option as Prasch has been widely exposed over the last 18 months, and the exposing of his lies and godless behaviour has been most extreme recently from December 2019 to last week when Amos Farrell—Prasch’s Ultra village idiot—has been flailing around undermining his ‘Lord Jacob’ by making a series of fool videos to exalt his thinker and protector but has ended up fatally undermining him so that even less people will want to be associated with Prasch, except the unthinking people like Amos who are too heavily invested in the personality cult to be able to think rationally.

As Amos has accidentally undermined Prasch for 15 months, exposing him by mistake as a fake Jew, recording Prasch’s 9-minute screaming rant from last year’s conference, capturing Prasch being misogynistic to his own wife on stage the month he claimed to not be a misogynist, I thought I’d aid the accidental underminer Amos by making a poster for this weekend’s conference with a bit of that terrible reality sprinkled in that pains the cult so much:


Phil Johnson’s Reactions to Jacob Prasch and Prasch’s Cult Members

In April 2014 Phil Johnson posted a funny edited video of Prasch screaming at Bill Randles’ church in Iowa about various topics ranging from John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference speakers to church history in Geneva, Switzerland. Everything Prasch says he gets wrong, which Phil points out.

Over the course of the video being on Phil’s YouTube channel, dozens of Prasch cult members have posted in the comments trying to defend their Lord Prasch resulting in Phil Johnson posting a series of reactions to Prasch’s idiocy and his cult members’ parroting of that idiocy.  The comments are very insightful and funny, and consistent with what I’ve discovered during the three seasons of Prasch critiques.

Here is the video followed by Phil’s various replies and a smattering of other commenters…
















UPDATE 13 March 2020:

Today Phil Johnson and Dr James White both ridiculed Jacob Prasch and his enabler Servus Christi respectively on Twitter. Here is the thread:


2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984

Due to the destruction of cult leader Jacob Prasch’s Jewish facade, the accidental cause of that destruction—Prasch’s ultra fan Amos Farrell—has ramped up his propaganda effort to strengthen the two remaining pillars of belief in the cult by creating an hilarious cartoon TV set for Prasch to scream from for an hour and a half, the idea being to present his thinker and protector as a professional-looking newsreader/expert, which apparently makes his phoney argumentation believable.
As with everything else Amos touches, the whole thing immediately crumbles due to the obvious fact that only a person in the cult’s echo chamber or in an asylum would fall for it, with the end result looking like a couple of idiot bedlamites trying to enact an iMovie version of George Orwell’s 1984.

For an in-depth look at the foolishness of Midrash, go to this website:

UPDATE 12 March 2020:

So clearly the blowing whale Jacob Prasch has reacted to the negative press surrounding his 1984-esque effort, so has had the video updated for upload to his own idiot channel Moriel TV, and has forced Amos Farrell the failed propagandist into cutting out all of the zooming in and out in order to hide the full extremity of his fake TV studio exposed in my above critique video. The Moriel TV version of Amos’s junk video now has an alarming 90-minute close-up on Prasch’s red and gray blotchy face, which makes it look more like the totalitarian talking head from the final seconds of my video!

Epilogue: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 Salary For Witch-Hunts!

In a previous video imagining what lunatic cult leader Jacob Prasch might do in 2020, I suggested he may deliberately incur late fees for not submitting his 2018 Moriel Ministries IRS returns due to him being caught out last year paying himself 91k despite claiming to his cult he didn’t pay himself at all. However, foolhardily, Prasch submitted them and told the world how much he paid himself this time around! Bad idea!!
I contrast Prasch’s salary with his target of abuse Todd Bentley to find which one gets an hourly wage closest to the average American wage from mid 2018 of $22.50.

The 2018 Moriel IRS forms:

The 2018 Fresh Fire Ministries IRS forms:

Meno Kalisher: Prasch’s Pawn for Credibility in 2020

In December 2019 I questioned the logic of Israeli Bible teacher Meno Kalisher signing up to appear alongside the godless railing Walter Mitty fake Jew Jacob Prasch in his Moriel 2020 Northern Conference from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March 2020 after Prasch used that platform in 2019 to Satanically attack a godly Christian woman and spew vile lies and debunked argumentation at her in his idiot 9-minute live-streamed rant, behaviour which has been consistently godless since 1998 when Prasch was first recorded slandering Christians—back then Prasch’s lunatic lies endangered the lives of Christians in Northern Ireland when Prasch lied and said the Elim leadership there had told people to “JOIN ELIM AND KILL FOR CHRIST” amongst other evil things that resulted in him being labeled a “predator” instead of a pastor, who slanderously declared targets were “neo-Nazis” as means of damning them to his pro-Jew audience.

Subsequent to that post asking Meno Kalisher to think twice before associating himself with the Jacob Prasch Personality Cult and all its evil (and before he becomes one of The Enabling Eight—the group of prominent ‘Christians‘ who’ve shamefully misused their platforms to enable Prasch’s witch-hunting [the Eight being Marco Quintana, David Lister, Servus Christi, Amos Farrell, CMFI, Mike Benade, John Haller, and Bill Randles]), Prasch has exposed himself as using Meno Kalisher as a pawn in his continued efforts in maintaining his platform (a platform he is disqualified from for his attacking the innocent, driving a woman to the brink of suicide, persistently lying, faking being half-Jewish for decades, persistently embellishing his son’s position in the IDF, fueling himself with Jack Daniels, and demonstrating zero fruit of the Spirit) by Prasch releasing on his website an online form to invite people to the March 2020 Northern Conference using Meno’s name as a draw:


And on 26th January Prasch released a short promotional video trumpeting Meno’s involvement, waxing lyrical about the importance in his giving Israeli teachers a “platform” in the Western churches, the irony being that there is much greater importance biblically in NOT giving lying godless bloodthirsty wolves like Prasch a platform in the church—the very thing Meno is doing by giving Prasch the credibility he craves by appearing beside him.

By allowing himself to be a pawn in Prasch’s hand, Meno Kalisher has indirectly set the rather appropriate date of Friday the 13th March 2020 as the day he joins Prasch’s squad of enablers, alongside new recruits Charles Jardine of Azimuth Radio (for his making Moriel propaganda and posting Prasch’s Christmas Eve 2019 slander video), and Steve Mitchell from Fellowship Bible Chapel for his continued support of Prasch by repeatedly surrendering his pulpit to the godless oaf, swelling The Enabling Eight into The Enabling Eleven.

Friday the 13th approaches…