Jacob Prasch & The Shameful ‘Enabling 8’

During Fall 2018 Jacob Prasch the at-the-time-believed-to-be Jewish-American Bible teacher, sparked a series of witch-hunts on South African minister David Nathan, Scottish Christians Stewart and Deborah Menelaws of Global Vision 24/7 and British Christian group Intercessors For BritainIt caused various people to begin looking into Prasch’s claims that all were heretics or something akin to that.  Research found that Prasch had lied about them all (as clear as day in video form).  When that evidence was presented, instead of repenting of his exposed sins, Prasch doubled down, and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Catalyst Counselling, a British charity that helps those damaged by abusive religious groups, began investigating Prasch and found him to be guilty of spiritual abuse and bullying “of the worst kind”, and concluded Prasch was not a Christian as he showed non of the fruit of the Spirit the Book of Galatians in the New Testament says will be exhibited in true believers.  Starkly, contrarily, half the bad fruit of the unregenerate person that Galatians 5 also speaks of could be seen in abundance in Prasch.

The exposing of Prasch and his charity Moriel caused a lot of people to move away from any association with Prasch, astonished at how evil he had been behind the scenes as well as publicly, with railing emails sent out to various targets whom he tried to bully into submission.

From January 2019 to present day in mid November 2019, Prasch’s witch-hunts have continued with Anton Bosch, Dr. James White, and Amir Tsarfati being on the receiving end of his attacks—in each case Prasch utilised faked or slanted information against them, going so far as lying about the contents of his own books in order to escape the apparently small charge of spelling words wrong, the result being Anton Bosch being consigned to eternal Hell as a heretic.

Whilst it is understandable that in Fall/Winter 2018 few people would have known quite how Hellish Prasch had been acting, and it would have taken people time to fact-check the exposés on him, but now, a full calendar year after the first exposé was released, there is no excuse for “Christian” leaders and heads of Christian ministries to support him.  Consequently I’ve made a list of the Enabling Eight: those being the 8 “Christian” individuals/group who have worked hard to ignore the evidence, and have tried earnestly to be Prasch’s apologists in order to assist him in maintaining his position in the Christian community to the detriment of the Christians he (and some of them!) have openly attacked and spiritually abused.

The Enabling Eight:


  1. Marco Quintana

Marco is on the Moriel Ministries board as well as being a minister in Devore, California.  He has used his church’s YouTube channel to release a video in Spring 2019 which saw him bare-faced lie for 5 minutes, repeating multiple times that no evidence existed against his Moriel ‘President’ Prasch.  Marco was a speaker alongside Prasch last week in England at the Moriel UK Conference 2019.


  1. David Lister aka David Filister

Lister is the grossly overweight “treasurer” of Moriel who is paid $87,100 per year to do 35 hours per week by Moriel.  He seems to spend the majority of this time writing apologetics for Prasch, and allows his name to be put to badly misspelt documents damning people, which were clearly written by the dyslexic (and drunk?) Prasch.


  1. Joshua Chavez aka Josh Chav aka Servus Christi

Chavez was taken on as the Moriel social media man in early summer 2018 and his presence has coincided with Prasch’s moral collapse.  He has also worked hard to assist Prasch in presenting false information against the likes of Amir Tsarfati, and to try to clear his boss of wrongdoing.  To this day he introduces Prasch in Prasch’s Moriel TV slanderous “attack” videos.


  1. Amos Farrell

Amos Farrell threw his weight behind Prasch late 2018 and released a baffling video made to assist the Monty Pyhtonesque witch-hunt of David Nathan which boldly stated David Nathan had started the New World Order.  To add to such insane nonsense, Farrell also put his name to a fake document claiming it was from the “Police” of the UK, New Zealand and South Africa, that had—surprise surprise—cleared Prasch of all spiritual abuse charges.  Farrell persists in attacking Prasch’s targets via social media and is known to turn up at churches and cause trouble.


  1. CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International)

CMFI is the “Christian” organisation in Britain who Prasch is part of (as are some others on the list due to the fake credibility CMFI peddle) who were asked to seriously look into the claims against Prasch and Moriel, but only excused him whilst admitting they’d only looked at Prasch’s evidence.  They are known to publicly support the books published by Anaheim-based Witness Lee Cult ‘The Lord’s Recovery’ (see this video from 1:45).


  1. Mike Benade

Benade is the second of 3 alleged Police members who put their names to the fake Police document Prasch used to excuse his behaviour.  Benade is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and is believed to be the retired Police Captain and Moriel affiliate who Prasch tried to arrange to get his former colleagues to turn up at the door of researcher Deborah Du Rand after she wrote a negative article based on facts about Prasch.


  1. John Haller

Haller is an attorney and “prophecy” update teacher based at Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, USA.  Haller has worked behind the scenes with Prasch and plotted to sue Christian Jan Markell after Jan correctly pointed out Prasch has mental problems.  Haller has acted as an apologist for Prasch as recently as October, and, like Quintana, is on his Moriel teaching circuit.

_________________ Cut/tear along perforation line? ____________8

  1. Bill Randles

Randles is a minister in Iowa who was for years on the Moriel teaching circuit, and when expected to stand up to his long-time friend in Fall 2018, he briefly did, before chickening out (see first 3 minutes of this video), having enabled Prasch by assisting in Prasch’s witch-hunt of David Nathan, spin-doctoring, going so far as to have brought in a drifter to film anti-Nathan films in his church (see minute 8-9 of this video).  When Prasch eventually called Randles his Judas and witch-hunted him, Randles became a full-time history revisionist to protect his inflated self-image (see comments section of this film and from this blog post).

Because a full year has passed since evidence first began to be disseminated about Prasch’s wicked, godless and Satanic behaviour, and all these people have persisted in making excuses for Prasch in the face of that evidence, they all carry much of the blame for the spiritual damage Prasch has caused.

Now Google Exposes Jacob Prasch!

Today (15 November 2019) I Google searched the name Jacob Prasch and was quite happy to learn that Google’s information-compiling algorithm meant that the top result was my description of him from this blog! Look:

So the truth about his railing and his attacking the innocent alongside the guilty is being spread. The description was written before it was discovered that Jacob Prasch had faked his identity as a half-Jew, so the above Google result, like most of the season one videos, introduce him still as Jewish-American.

Moriel UK Conference 2019

Today, Friday 15th November 2019, marks the start of Prasch’s long weekend Moriel UK Conference at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanick. According to the Moriel website the conference is “sold out”. 

The conference slogan is ‘Strengthen Those Things That Remain’ and the image is an abandoned wooden church leaning to the side, with, of course, those pretend pillars of virtue Jacob Prasch and Marco Quintana either side of it at the foundation-level. 

What a vile joke. The church is founded on truth and when it holds to that truth it remains strong. Moriel, by contrast was built on lies and is maintained by lies. For instance, Prasch has founded his ministry upon the blatant lie that he is half Jewish, and then has built his ministry around attacking people (the innocent alongside the guilty) with fake information. Consider his Moriel Scotland Conference earlier this month when he said the following grotesque things about Deborah Menelaws for doing the dread thing of fact-checking Prasch: 

As you can see in that clip, Prasch is so far gone that he sees the righteous as wicked, and sees himself—a grotesque and possibly drunk person—as Elijah the prophet! 

Moreover the lies don’t stop with Prasch, consider his conference co-speaker Marco Quintana. Quintana is on the Moriel board, and in order to defend his master against the spiritual abuse and bullying allegations he was accused of (and proved to be true in that above clip!), Marco recorded himself lying on behalf of Prasch, repeating the lies multiple times, to help maintain his position in the church. I covered the lies in a video looking at one of Marco’s recent teachings.

Lies are hated by God and liars are forbidden entrance to heaven, yet hundreds of English Christians gathering today in Swanick are apparently more than happy to go listen to two liars wax lyrical about how the Church is teetering. Muri ga toreba dori hikkomu (when unreason comes, reason goes).

With Prasch doubtless taking the opportunity at the conference to share his Midrash interpretation of the Bible (the belief that made it possible for him to conclude in the clip above that he is the equivalent of Elijah the prophet), it is imperative that the Conference audience become aware of the dangerous cultic roots of Prasch’s hermeneutic:

Jacob Prasch: Hypocrisy in Action

Jacob Prasch has this Fall 2019 witch-hunted Bill Randles. Part of his claim against him is that Bill gave platform 2 years ago to Craig White who was found afterward to have heretical views. Bill didn’t involve himself with Craig after that.

Randles’ reaction to Craig was somewhat different to Prasch’s:

“I did fail to vet him thoroughly, but rather than fire up the heresy witch-hunt machine, I have chosen to try to dialogue with him and to reach him. He shouldn’t have said that sometimes the expression “Son of Man” refers to the Anti-Christ. As soon as Scott pointed it out to me, I took it off of our website. I thought we had removed it from You Tube but have had trouble doing so.” (Bill Randles on his blog)

As you can tell from Randles’ response to Moriel, Prasch made much out about Randles having White’s video still on his church’s YouTube video feed. 

So what exactly do you make of the vociferous, finger-pointing Witchfinder General Prasch who faked info to witchhunt David Nathan over a year ago now still having at least EIGHTEEN of David Nathan’s videos on his Moriel TV Vimeo video feed as of 13 November 2019…

This is sheer hypocrisy.

I’ve found at least 18 videos:

Also, as Tim points out, Beavis Christi posted his own trash attack videos to the Moriel TV Vimeo page when he first took over social media duties. I took screenshots later the same day as evidence of this, so Prasch is a gurning hypocrite.

Jacob Prasch: Twisted Nut

The videos from Jacob Prasch’s 2019 Moriel Scotland Conference at Gartmore, Stirling, are being released. I had a look at the first one and found these interesting moments: 

00:00-02:00 Prasch says in Christendom things are “dying” and other things are “blossoming”. Of course, for the slanted Prasch who has been rejected largely by the denominations because of his godless behaviour, and seen by them as a twisted nut, in his opinion, the things that are dying are churches and denominations. When it comes to that view, consider the way Prasch boasts elsewhere about 600 pentecostal ministers handing him over to Satan:

 07:24-8:00 Prasch says one of the things blossoming/being born, by contrast to what is dying, is his idiot YouTube channel Moriel TV, boasting about it growing 170-180% this year. It is clear he’s focussed heavily on the success of Moriel TV. The trouble with that is in the middle of this year a statistical report from the channel showed the average watch time is 1 minute and 35 seconds

Session Duration 
1m 35s 

For a channel with usually hour-long videos, that’s an absolutely feeble average view time. It demonstrates since Servus Christi (aka Beavis Christi) took over the channel’s control on behalf of Prasch it has been reduced into being a click-bait channel whose videos people click on then realise it is a pile of trash with a Jabba The Hutt-style slob screaming at a webcam. And if so many people are realising under 100 seconds that Prasch isn’t worth watching, then that’s encouraging as it means people are thinking.

08:00-09:00 Prasch says one of the things dying by contrast is his conferences, pointing to the apparently dwindling number of people around him in Gartmore House. He says some of the people who’d come in the past will be watching on YouTube. Oddly Prasch doesn’t take into account that his Scottish audience may have decreased massively due to him attacking highly-esteemed Scottish Christian couple Stewart and Deborah Menelaws in his screaming rants from last Fall (repeated at his Moriel Northern Conference in Spring 2019 when he went on that infamous 9-minute rant chronicled in season 1 video Jacob Prasch & His Ongoing Battle Against Observable Truth). But reality doesn’t sit well with Prasch, so for him the Scottish audience magically have just watched on Youtube. Yeah, for one and a half minutes

09:00-11:00 Prasch explains why he doesn’t bring tapes and books to hawk at his conferences now, and Prasch explains it’s because he gives everything away for free. He grandstands about it; all his righteous deeds. This is about a year since Prasch slandered the Scottish couple the Menelaws saying they were making “filthy lucre” out of their Christian DVD documentary The Daniel Project (which had a spot with Prasch in it), but then Graham Baldwin found through researching their finances that the couple hadn’t made anything out of the film after having financed it themselves, and were still in debt to its distributer, while Prasch’s IRS returns showed he’d made large profits out of his books as the document states the cost-to-profit ratio!  Then Prasch was exposed as hawking his books at all his conferences hypocritically using the phrase “filthy lucre” to do it!

So only now he doesn’t hawk his books, and tries to take some kind of moral high ground. It’s only because he was caught out when Graham Baldwin showed how Prasch vastly inflated the price of things, such as hawking a USB drive that retails at about $5 for several hundred dollars. And note the way in his explanation, Prasch used his disability, which kind of undermined his own self-righteousness, in that he was implying he’d still be hawking stuff if it wasn’t for his disability getting in the way of him lumping his wares into churches and conferences to wrangle “filthy lucre” from stupid people. 

Also keep in mind since the Gartmore event was a pre-booked conference with accommodation, and the whole hotel was booked in advance for the conference, but, as Prasch pointed out, the place is dying, meaning few people went, he’d have known in advance how few people were going, so he’d have reckoned it wasn’t worthwhile to lug hundreds of his citationless books all the way to Scotland to hawk to the maybe 10 people who went. 

ALSO, he can hardly grandstand about not hawking his books when a couple of months ago in Christchurch, New Zealand, he whispered to his assistant to announce the BOOKSTAND and DONATIONS table at the end of his talk to make off with some dough from his audience!

 11:00 At the conclusion to his fool introduction and apologetic for why nobody is coming to see him anymore, he says, “We live in a time of transition”. The use of the word “transition” a year ago was sufficient evidence for Prasch’s village idiot apologist Amos Farrell to deduce that David Nathan was New Age (as chronicled in The Good the Bad and the Echo Chamber). Prasch’s use of the word ‘transition’ here is key because he uses it as a springboard to his talk which will incorporate it. 

19:00-20:00 Prasch alludes to his belief that he’s John the Baptist Mk.2 for Jesus’s second coming, a belief I critiqued in Jacob Prasch: Peering Out of Cloud Cuckoo Land in Midrash-Tinted Glasses. His comparing himself with leading figures in the Bible will be repeated here, with his new comparison to himself being Elijah. The rest of the video details the 8 signs of Elijah’s ministry. You can see the list on his board: 

In each case Prasch uses examples from his OWN ministry to liken himself to Elijah. He does toward the end state he isn’t trying to sound like Elijah, but as he has spent an hour talking about how he is, his claim that he isn’t trying to sound like Elijah now is void of reason or evidence. Throughout the video his comparisons between himself and Elijah are ridiculous and grandiose, as always. The most key one is dealt with in the final 14 minutes… 

1:32:00-end In trying to liken himself ludicrously to Elijah, Prasch compares Elijah’s troubles with Jezebel with his own alleged troubles with Deborah Menelaws, stating, 

The Ministry of Elijah will always always, absolutely always, conflict with Jezebel. ‘Oh you troubler of Israel!’ he’s called. ‘Oh, you’re always in controversy!’ ‘Oh you’re always being negative!’ Hahaha! One of the most vicious Jezebels with the Jezebel spirit I’ve ever encountered in my life is in Fife, Scotland.” 

Deborah Menelaws is based in Fire, Scotland, and Prasch will describe her a few minutes later saying, 

What would you say of a woman who promotes somebody who says God the Father is not the Creator? That the gospel is not eternal? And defends and promotes the priests of Baal—you can pray into a jacket or a tie or a piece of cloth and knock people over with it—and then when she’s opposed she goes on the warpath vehemently? That’s a Jezebel. The conflict is inevitable. Elijah didn’t want it; no honest servant of God wants it; but she’s a vicious vicious woman. She’s demoized! ” 

In saying this Prasch is referring to Deborah and her husband Stewart allowing Prasch’s witch-hunt target from Fall 2018 David Nathan the opportunity to appear on their TV show Global Vision 24—7 to answer Prasch’s charges of heresy which Prasch was slobbering over social media with until being outed comprehensively as being false with made up information (not least the infamous edited email Prasch presented that damned David—an email David then released in its entirety in which Prasch stated categorically that David Nathan WASN’T a heretic and had had his statements misunderstood).

By Prasch continuing his lies and his witch-hunting of Deborah Menelaws a full year on, demonstrates if anybody in the whole situation is demonized it is Jacob Prasch. For someone who loves comparisons, he’s unable to see how like Satan he is with his persistent accusing of the innocent brethren and his persistent lies and slander. I know of nobody else presently in the church who has uttered such slanderous accusations in the face of exposed reality and kept it going as Prasch. He is an utterly contemptible poisonous old toad of a man, and rightly have Scottish people turned their backs on the gargantuan fool and hypocrite. His followers, the ones who have been exposed to the irrefutable evidence against him, and still support him in his railing and in his exhibiting zero fruits of the spirit over 20 years, are as delusional as him and they deserve each other.

UPDATE 14 Nov 2019

Part 3 was released yesterday and Prasch brought more Jezebel slander against Deborah Menelaws, all the while likening himself again even more directly to Elijah. Watch this 3 minute clip where he does all that:

I noticed Prasch was given a new chair for his second and third sessions. In the above clip, look how he is sitting: rather unseemly, slouched as if drunk, unshaven, unkempt, with a big stain on his shirt (see picture below). In fact a third into session 3 the cameraman had to alter the angle to keep the sinking Prasch in frame. His physically lowest point is his above rail against Deborah, then he sat up a bit albeit leaning left and right for the rest of the video. Consider the difference between his seating position in session 2 and session 3:

Session 2 seating position:

Session 3 seating position:

His session 3 performance, with his slow speech, unkempt look, railing, and slobbish Onslow way of sitting, brought back memories of his performance this Spring in Ohio when I argued he looked drunk:

This was the checklist I worked from in that video:

UPDATE 15 November 2019

Prasch’s target Deborah Menelaws released an excellent video today which dealt with the above slander from the godless railer Prasch on the day he started his sold-out Moriel UK Conference in Swanick:

John Haller: Devil’s Advocate [Faking Prophecy to Enable a Devil]

On Saturday 5th October 2019, John Haller was teaching at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Canada Conference in Richmond, BC. From there he did his Prophecy Update, his wildly popular and wildly repetitive rehashing of the news, repackaged as Christian discernment (instead of the possible reality of it being closer to TV addiction from a news junkie).
However, for his current affairs/prophecy recap schtick, Haller dredged up a very suspiciously non-current story from last year to make an incredibly strained point about “prophecy”. It was so obviously forced and tenuous, that it was almost as if Haller the professional attorney was trying to plead a very specific case, in front of a very specific audience, for a very specific person who has been exposed by Christians as a devil in their midst…….