A Warning to the Church about Jacob Prasch

Over the past 10 months Jacob Prasch has been found to be a fake Jew, is being investigated for spiritual abuse and bullying of Christians, has been caught in innumerable lies, and has been exposed endlessly as a godless railer who attacks sound Christian ministries with fake information, utilising phoney argumentation, with the desire to humiliate and destroy the children of God. Nonetheless Prasch refuses to acknowledge blame, refuses to repent, refuses to stand down, and forces himself into various churches around the world as a means of maintaining his platform to attack people.
On 16th August 2019 he is embarking on a Fall tour with 40 dates in churches, hotels and town halls around the world, from New Zealand to Great Britain. If Prasch is coming to your church this Fall then this video is a warning about the person your minister has chosen to allow to roam among the sheep under his protection.

All information alluded to in this short video is covered in-depth in the 11+ hours of videos listed below. See Season 2:7 for a list of major sins from Prasch and the corresponding video in which to view the evidence in.
The most in-depth look at Prasch’s charade about being a Jew is here:
Prasch claiming his name comes from ‘Pharisee’ can be seen here: (password is ‘Root’).


Jacob Prasch’s Façade of Being An Untouchable Debator

Jacob Prasch the unrepentant godless railer and slanderer of the children of God, has over his years of screaming in YouTube videos, demanded leading figures in the Christian, Catholic, and Jewish communities debate him publicly “any time any place, so long as there’s a camera”. The list of his demands was first compiled in my January 2019 video ‘Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General’ ( which looked at one of Prasch’s attack videos from the same month, which saw him unjustly slander South African Bible teacher Anton Bosch and call him a heretic (for the crime of pointing out Prasch’s spelling mistakes in his books, and lack of citations, and making up quotations of Charles Spurgeon, all of which Bosch proved to be the case). Prasch damned Bosch to Hell as a heretic, then said he’d debate him. While critiquing Prasch’s demand, I remembered several times he’d demanded debates in the past, and I compiled 9 instances of demanded debates for the video.

Upon its release a Vimeoer called 7seals found some more demanded debates, so the segment was plucked out of the feature-length video, and made as a standalone mini feature with now 20 demanded debates. But then over the next few months even more demands were uncovered, bringing the total to a rather colossal TWENTY-EIGHT. So twenty-eight times (at least!) Prasch has called out leading figures to debate him, and zero times debates have actually occured.

The list of 28 figures is:
Anton Bosch
John MacArthur
Rick Warren
Nicky Gumbel
Gary Burge
Chuck Colson
R.T. Kendall
Stewart Menelaws
Stephen Sizer
Phil Johnson
Francis Chan
Anthony Hilder
Paul Manwaring
Dr. Michael Brown
Phillip Church
Hank Hannergraaff
Chris Rosebrough
JD Hall
Todd Friel
Paul Wilkinson
Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
Rabbi Shmuel Arkush
Robert Sungenis
Scott Hahn
JD Farag
Dr. Thomas Ice
John Piper
David Nathan

With Prasch none of these debates happened for 2 reasons I can postulate:

1) Prasch didn’t want them to happen because if they did he’d be exposed immediately in the debate as an ignorant blowhard who makes things up (such as Spurgeon quotes) and can’t stay on topic, or actually use reason, logic, or sound argumentation (as Dr James White found when having a back-and-forth with Prasch, resulting in a video where White eviscerated Prasch’s mode of thinking so comprehensively (, that Prasch and his cult members have worked hard to discredit White, one particularly memorable moment being Prasch looking totally drunk in Ohio slurring and railing about White with the exact same phoney argumentation that White had dismantled (

2) Prasch didn’t want them to happen because the facade would be gone and it is much MUCH easier maintaining the facade that he is some untouchable debater who everybody runs away from than it is putting in the effort of actually debating people and facing the threat of being put to the sword as White did to him, only publicly instead of via webcam. Consequently by demanding debates from dozens of big names, deliberately not pursuing them, then using his opponents’ lack of motivation in debating him, would immediately uncork the bottles of narcissistic supply Prasch pants for, as his ignorant cult members gasp at the way all the big names have “run away” from the mental Colossus who walks in their midst whom they have adopted as their thinker and protector.

Evidence of this being true is Prasch’s demand for a debate with Stephen Sizer over a decade ago over the topic of the Jews (this was over a decade before Prasch was outed as a fake Jew). Prasch must have been terrified at Sizer okaying the live debate on Revelation TV, so worked quickly to undermine it.
Sizer wrote of the build-up to the debate the following…

“Through an intermediary I merely requested a postponement of the debate. Without knowing my reasons, rather prematurely you wrote, “I have nothing to say to such an utterly contemptible servant of hell, and I am not interested in hearing anything from him. He is of his father the devil.” “

So to pull the plug and maintain his untouchable facade, Prasch undermined the chances of the debate happening by “prematurely” riding a wave of ad hominem attack (the argumentational frailty Prasch exhibits day in day out) labelling Sizer basically a Satanist.

Sizer’s views of the failure to debate can be read on his website

This video looks at all the known 28 times Prasch has demanded debates which have ended in No Contests, with Prasch nonetheless still boasting about how all these people “ran away” from him.

If you know of any other debate demands not directed to the 28 people already listed, please post a comment below, or in the comments section of the video on Vimeo.

The 50 Sins of Jacob Prasch


The 50 Sins of Jacob Prasch, and the research videos they were chronicled in…

Video 1: The Phoney Argumentation of Jacob Prasch
1) Prasch spread unsubstantiated rumours to discredit the Christian teacher Deborah Menelaws as a means of destroying her Christian ministry.
2) Prasch used an extra-biblical Roman Catholic source to claim apostolic authority in discrediting David Nathan.

Video 2: Prasch Pt.2
3) Prasch released a deliberately destructive rant on Facebook calling David Nathan Judas as a means of destroying his Christian ministry.
4) Prasch called Stewart and Deborah Menelaws money-chasers when tax returns prove this to be a slanderous lie.
5) Prasch dropped the F-bomb in a video which he subsequently deleted, edited, and re-uploaded.
6) Prasch doctored a video of a Q&A session with David Nathan to say something it didn’t.
7) Prasch bullied people around him, especially those who disagreed with him.
8) Prasch doctored an email to assist his discrediting of David Nathan which when seen in full exonerated David Nathan.

Video 3: Jacob Prasch the Arch-Damner Strikes Again
9) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by associating them with “filthy lucre” and the mark of the beast.

Video 4: The Good the Bad and the Echo Chamber
10) Prasch used a criminal named “John Cambridge” as a theologian who would defend his erroneous position in attacking David Nathan.
11) Prasch then had a mentally challenged associate take the bullet when news broke about the criminality of John Cambridge.

Video 5: Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General
12) Prasch was found to have fabricated quotations from Charles Spurgeon and George Muller.
13) Prasch was found to have used zero citations in his 2 major books Shadows of the Beast and Harpazo.
14) Prasch consequently tried to discredit the researcher Anton Bosch by falsifying information in those same two of his own books.
15) Prasch also tried to discredit Anton Bosch as a heretic by misattributing someone else’s words to Bosch.

Video 6: Jacob Prasch: Witch-Hunts, Ivory Towers, & Shooting Arrows At The Faithful
16) Prasch released a highly-misogynistic, screaming rant against female leaders.
17) Prasch slandered Christian teachers Deborah Menelaws and Jan Markell by illogically connecting them to abortions.

Video 7: Jacob Prasch & His Ongoing Battle Against Observable Truth
18) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by accusing them again of financial corruption.
19) Prasch was found to take in nearly $100,000 (tax free) per year from his charity having claimed he took nothing.
20) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by saying they were cashing in Christian resources to Chinese Communists who’d destroy the resources, when they weren’t.
21) Prasch lied to his followers about the flow of money into Moriel.
22) Prasch is recorded multiple times hypocritically asking people for their quote end quote “filthy lucre”, stating his wife was being a good Jewish woman in collecting their money on the Sabbath.

Video 8: When Moriel Propaganda Fails
23) Prasch deliberately falsified information about livestream viewer numbers and platforms.
24) Prasch’s hired social media man Servus Christi (aka Joshua Chavez) masqueraded as a female to post public positive comments about Prasch.

Video 9: Jacob Prasch: The Lost Weekend
25) Prasch is found to have a liking for hard liquor Jack Daniels and single malt scotch whisky.

Video 10: Jacob Prasch: Anatomy of a Railer
26) Prasch misogynistically orders his wife to publicly wait his table.
27) Prasch made an invective-filled hateful and misogynistic rant in 2012 on calling a woman who pointed out his errors a long list of extreme names.
28) Prasch deliberately hid information about Moriel’s finances on the ROKU platform that gained 12 views a month compared to YouTube’s 120,000.
29) Prasch falsified information about Moriel’s financial openness.

Video 11: “Thinking” Inside a Personality Cult
30) Prasch operates a personality cult that requires obedience to Prasch’s narratives.
31) Prasch had his associates CMFI lie about researchers in order to excuse Prasch’s cultish behaviour.

Video 12: The Total Corruption of the Moriel Police Squad
32) Prasch hypocritically agreed with David Nathan in 2016 for what he called him a heretic for in 2018.
33) Prasch looked and acted heavily drunk in a March 2019 talk in Ohio.
33) Prasch falsified his family history to make himself sound Jewish when he’s not Jewish in the slightest.
34) Prasch’s followers were shown to experience cognitive dissonance in the face of the reality of PRasch’s lies the same way that an end of the world cult experienced in Leon Festinger’s famous account from the early 50’s.
35) Prasch had his associates with Police connections to engage in a conflict of interest to clear Prasch of wrongdoing.
36) Prasch deliberately hid the fact that all those with Police connections engaging in their fruitless effort to give their report credibility when it had none, were all part of Moriel itself.

Video 13: Prasch Season II: Attacking Amir Tsarfati
37) Prasch deliberately falsified information about Bible prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati in order to discredit him.
38) Prasch used an illogical form of 6 Degrees of Separation to damn Amir Tsarfati.
39) Prasch’s associates CMFI promoted a book by a modalist cult meaning by Prasch’s own 6 Degrees of Separation he is logically a modalist heretic.
40) Prasch falsely claimed his surname is from the word ‘Pharisee’ when it is German or Danish.

Video 14: Prasch: Beast Mode
41) Prasch falsifies information about Charles Spurgeon to discredit Amir Tsarfati.

Video 15: Important Grey Matter is Missing (Prasch Paints White, black)
42) Prasch falsifies information about Dr. James White to discredit him.
43) Prasch ticks many of the Oregon Liquor Commission’s ‘Signs of Visible Intoxication’ checklist.
44) Prasch’s associate and one of the pretend police officers from earlier, Amos Farrell, used Muslim information to try to discredit Prasch’s target Dr. James White.

Video 16: Prasch: Gone Hunting (and Camping)
45) Prasch falsified financial information about Todd Bentley to discredit him.
46) Prasch hypocritically took a larger percentage of his charity Moriel’s income than Todd Bentley ever did from his charity Fresh Fire Ministries.
47) Prasch discredits Mark Biltz for being a fake Jew, when Prasch is himself a fake Jew.
48) Prasch deliberately falsified a report in order to blame Harold Camping for the deaths of Hmong Vietnamese.

Video 17: Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles
49) Prasch was a member of a 1970’s cult known as the Church of Bible Understanding which used much of the same coercive language as Prasch’s personality cult does today.
50) Prasch publicly used coercive language to encourage former friend Bill Randles to commit suicide for writing against him.

Jacob Prasch: Painting the Targets Black and White

In June 2019, Jacob Prasch had decided to persist in his witch hunts that I’ve documented on this website and on my Vimeo channel. My 2 responses to his most recent attack (on Amir Tsarfati ) made me realise one of the major causes of Prasch’s phoney argumentation was an error in thinking called ‘black and white thinking’.
So in these 2 videos I go through some of his 2016 and 2019 attacks on apologist Dr James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries, and observe the results of his application of black and white thinking to various facts about Dr James White, and I watch the erroneous conclusions begin to mount up (erroneous conclusions which Prasch then uses to illogically damn Dr White). I also theorise that Jacob Prasch may very well be drunk in the main video and so I provide a checklist of signs of visible intoxication.

In the second video I do the same by chronicling briefly various famous phoney conclusions Prasch’s black and white thinking methodology has resulted in in damning the children of God such as Anton Bosch, David Nathan, Stewart and Deborah Menelaws, John MacArthur, and Chris Rosebrough, (conclusions seen throughout the season 1 10-part series on Vimeo ), but then I have a look at the information Prasch has presented over the years against notorious false prophets and false teachers Mark Biltz (of the nonsense Blood Moons rapture theory), Todd Bentley (the “tattooed goon”), and Harold Camping (who stated the Rapture would occur in May 2011), and guage whether these easy targets for damnation had legitimate information brought up against them by Prasch, only to find that in amongst the legitimate evidence was Prasch’s phoney information that had resulted from his ‘black and white thinking’, most obviously that relating to a viral email/article Prasch wrote in response to an alleged slaughter of Vietnamese Hmong in 2011 wherein Prasch blamed Harold Camping directly for the slaughter (a claim I research quite deeply).

Also included are Prasch’s gunning down of Mark Biltz for operating a Messianic Jewish fellowship when he’s not Jewish (which is ironic since in 2019 Prasch was outed as being a fake Jew himself by researcher Treena Gisborn on, and Prasch’s attack on Todd Bentley’s money-vacuuming when Todd’s IRS statements show that his income is roughly the SAME as the finger-pointing Prasch!

I hope you find these videos helpful and insightful and will help you to better weight up Prasch’s claims and not just believe everything he says.

Amir Tsarfati Damned By Witchfinder General Jacob Prasch

Amir Tsarfati the excellent Jewish Bible prophecy teacher made a single error in theology, so fake Jew Jacob Prasch of Moriel TV immediately rolled up to twist the dagger by attempting to associate Amir with the JWs, the Mormons, David Koresh and necromancers in an obvious attempt to continue his cull of Bible prophecy teacher rivals (after damning JD Farag, Jan Markell, and many others).

Prasch’s system of damning people is to force idiot, untenable links between reliable Christian teachers and cult movements or well-known false religious systems, with the possible motive of gaining followers from the people he has damned.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Audio taken from Prasch’s stupid attack video against Amir.

Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General:

Prasch has been exposed as a fake Jew by Treena Gisborne:
My Vimeo channel is called tbckawaii, although Prasch’s former police officer and overall idiot Amos Farrell deliberately spells it wrong as Tbckwaii as a means, no doubt, to put people off the evidence trail.


PowerPlayPause is a series of video commentaries that point out how desperately off Bethel Church teachers are in their understanding of the Bible, and tries to point you to how dangerous their teaching is.  It is sufficient to shipwreck the faith of anyone who adopts Bethelite belief.

I hope the videos give you an understanding as to what Bethel is all about, and what the logical conclusions are to their fundamental beliefs.