Amir Tsarfati Damned By Witchfinder General Jacob Prasch

Amir Tsarfati the excellent Jewish Bible prophecy teacher made a single error in theology, so fake Jew Jacob Prasch of Moriel TV immediately rolled up to twist the dagger by attempting to associate Amir with the JWs, the Mormons, David Koresh and necromancers in an obvious attempt to continue his cull of Bible prophecy teacher rivals (after damning JD Farag, Jan Markell, and many others).

Prasch’s system of damning people is to force idiot, untenable links between reliable Christian teachers and cult movements or well-known false religious systems, with the possible motive of gaining followers from the people he has damned.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Audio taken from Prasch’s stupid attack video against Amir.

Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General:

Prasch has been exposed as a fake Jew by Treena Gisborne:
My Vimeo channel is called tbckawaii, although Prasch’s former police officer and overall idiot Amos Farrell deliberately spells it wrong as Tbckwaii as a means, no doubt, to put people off the evidence trail.



PowerPlayPause is a series of video commentaries that point out how desperately off Bethel Church teachers are in their understanding of the Bible, and tries to point you to how dangerous their teaching is.  It is sufficient to shipwreck the faith of anyone who adopts Bethelite belief.

I hope the videos give you an understanding as to what Bethel is all about, and what the logical conclusions are to their fundamental beliefs.