Jacob Prasch: A Jack Daniels on the Rocks (or the hard place)

A couple of weeks ago, Amos Farrell (the bovine conspiracy theorist and member of the Moriel police squad) launched a witchhunt on his thinker and protector Jacob Prasch’s quarry and former friend Bill Randles. I touched on it briefly in this video, and suggested Prasch put his ventriloquist’s dummy Amos Farrell up to it (considering when Prasch had tried to witchhunt Randles in summer 2019 it blew up in his alcoholic-looking flushed face), and Prasch gave it his seal of approval by reposting it on his Moriel TV Facebook feed:

The witchhunt was based on Randles saying God loved the world once at the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Amos, like a typical village idiot, tried to force the conclusion that Bill was saying God doesn’t love the world in any other way pre or post crucifixion, and then tried to say Randles has a different Jesus or some similar trash. Amos was roundly ridiculed, although he was supported by the Moriel Ultras who are triggered at the whiff of blood into frenzied attack mode.

The Moriel Ultras in response to blood.

Randles in defence simply stated he was reiterating what respected theologian David Pawson taught. It was a classic moment as the Prasch camp don’t exactly want to point anybody to Pawson at the moment after Prasch has been humiliated by the re-release of David Pawson’s epic description of Prasch and his Ultras in a 1998 arbitration report which proved Prasch’s wickedness has been the same for at least 21 years, and his associates just as pathetic and gutless in holding him to account for his Satanic behaviour. Various other eye-opening documents from the same era can be read here.

Despite the exposing of Prasch this past year, and his railing self-filmed screaming sessions he freely shares with internet audiences which demonstrate his evil, Prasch miraculously still has a couple of supporters inside the Christian world. One of the key supporters/enablers has been Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, where its news-junkie-pretending-to-be-a-prophecy-teacher John Flubber Haller has acted in October 2019 as Prasch’s shameless advocate. And the Fellowship Bible Chapel pulpit has also been a common stage for Prasch to demonstrate his bad behaviour from, as during this very year of endless public witch-hunts, Prasch was at the FBC pulpit checking half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s list of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication. The FBC leaders have enabled Prasch—at the height of his godlessness—to still be presented as a Christian teacher to tens of thousands around the world, despite him exhibiting ZERO fruits of the Spirit yet perversely exhibiting more than half the deeds of the flesh, to the point where a spiritual abuse charity labelled Prasch a “pagan” who should be “excluded from the church“.

However, as Prasch, through his ventriloquist dummy Amos, has been gunning with his faulty discernment blunderbuss for Bill Randles for teaching God loved once at Calvary, the pastor of Fellowship Bible Chapel, Steve Mitchell, decided last week to publicly teach the SAME thing:

So, are Amos and his dummy master Jacob Prasch the fake Jew going to be consistent in their argumentation and call Steve Mitchell a heretic and witchhunt him across social media? Well, it’s between a rock and a hard place for the sozzled old slob Prasch and his bottle of Jack Daniels, as if he is inconsistent and ignores Steve Mitchell teaching the same thing as he is witchhunting Randles for then it proves the Moriel squad have targets whose words they twist as a pretext to destroy them, and if Prasch is consistent and attacks Steve Mitchell for the same thing he illegitimately attacked Randles for, then that will immediately close the door on him slumping over a chair at the FBC pulpit jealously ranting at Dr James White.

So which is it going to be?

Moriel 2020: A Fetid Stench

As an accompanying piece to the previous video which deconstructed Jacob Prasch’s false narratives surrounding his and his ministry Moriel’s work in 2019, I made this video which tries to imagine the type of thing Prasch and his cult will get up to in the coming 2020 via extrapolating from what we’ve seen them do in 2019.

The details about Prasch’s antics in the late 1990s towards his Moriel volunteers can be found here. And also check out Frank’s new website which looks carefully into Prasch’s Midrash hermeneutic and undermines it from Scriptural positions.

Bulletproof Cuckoo [A Critique of Jacob Prasch’s Moriel 2019 Review]

Jacob Prasch put on his Midrash-tinted glasses and looked in his contorted magic mirror in Cloud Cuckoo Land and released a boastful year-end review of his and Moriel’s activities during 2019, interpreting everything from the perspective of one overcome by Teflon Narcissism. He bids farewell to Beavis Christi aka Lydia, as well as 2 of his late cult-members, pulls on his bulletproof vest and breaks out his dollar-shaped sponge in anticipation of shaking down his echo-chamber-dwellers to fund his lavish lifestyle which has firmly hit the skids for his proposed reasons that don’t work in reality.

The Trove website links seen in the video can be viewed and found here: The Jacob Prasch Files

Intercessors For Britain (IFB) warns Christians about Jacob Prasch’s godless behaviour (5 December 2019)

Dave Borlase, head of Christian group Intercessors For Britain has issued a public statement on their Facebook feed warning the Christian community about the behaviour of Jacob Prasch and his ministry Moriel, behaviour which encompasses bullying, threats and slander. IFB had been the innocent target of a Prasch witchhunt in Fall 2018, as seen in my critique of the attack.  The behaviour Prasch showed in that instance and presently with his threat to attack IFB a second time in video format is exactly the same behaviour he demonstrated through the late 1990s to his own Moriel staff, staff who would consequently label him a “thug“. Jacob Prasch is indeed a thug, and as he attacks Christian ministries with fake information, I can label him nothing less than Satanic.

Here is IFB’s statement in full:

Dave Borlase in South Africa: Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries

After over a year of direct private appeals to Jacob, appealing to others connected with his work, and waiting and hoping that others might act or there might be repentance, we now come to the sad moment where we must speak publicly.

For over a year we have witnessed others being subjected to threats, abusive speech, slander, misrepresentation and malicious gossip; and we have also been on the receiving end of the same. Jacob has carried this out via emails and also using the pulpit to execute this ungodly behaviour.

Despite our best efforts to appeal for him to reconsider his actions and behaviour, he has continued and has again just recently used his pulpit to abuse a godly woman, who is also a member of IFB. She, along with a growing number of good fellow believers have been on the receiving end of some very unrighteousness behaviour.

This is simply unacceptable. That this continues unabated and the untold damage that is being done to fellow saints has led us to make this public statement.

Jacob has promised us he will produce another video attacking us if we dare to speak out against him. We will not make any further comments or responses to any such video. We will only respond further if Jacob denies the claims made in this statement, in which case we will simply post the evidence publicly for the body to judge.

We take no pleasure in writing this and have put it off for a long time at the request of others. However, I will not stand silently by while good fellow workers are wickedly and publicly savaged. Jacob has sort to control many with fear, including me, however, the fear of man brings a snare. We will trust in the Lord.
But please, let none of this be a distraction (unfortunately the enemy has been using it as such for us, hence us drawing a line in the sand here); let us press on in prayer at this critical time.

Yours in Christ
Dave Borlase

IFB’s Facebook post has this additional note:

Solely for our facebook post. Moriel has had people posting and attacking on their behalf, sometimes even using fake facebook profiles, (even of the opposite sex!). We will simply delete those comments. If anyone has concerns or would like to discuss the issue, you are welcome to message me privately and I will get back to you when I can.

This is clearly talking about Jacob Prasch’s enabler and Moriel TV social media ‘man’ Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez who was caught in Spring 2019 pretending to be a Christian woman called Lydia on YouTube writing pro-Prasch comments. His capture was chronicled in this video, When Moriel Propaganda Fails. Chavez is notorious for creating sock puppet profiles and commenting on various platforms, and raged when he was outed as Lydia.

UPDATE 28th December 2019:
On Christmas Eve 2019, apparently timing things to ruin a few people’s Christmas, Jacob Prasch the godless railing loon had his echo chamber-dwelling ultra-fan Amos Farrell release a video to rival Amos’s 2018 bovine conspiracy theory effort (that was lampooned in The Good The Bad And The Echo Chamber), in which the pair of idiots stupidly publicly misattribute my release of The Jacob Prasch Files to one of their targets Dave Borlase from the Christian ministry Intercessors For Britain (apparently because of my reposting of the IFB Facebook post above). They spend 30 minutes agreeing with each other, despite being wrong from the beginning, and Prasch, with an aquamarine A4 information pouch at the ready, tries to present the case that he has Jewish blood. I conclude that the whole scene is like watching an idiot interview a lunatic in an asylum whose dressed in a Count Dracula costume.

The Jacob Prasch Files No.8: Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups.”

I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s and early 2000s.  This is the eighth in the collection:

Jacob Prasch’s group Moriel saw rapid expansion in Australia in the late 1990s, despite Prasch’s explosive behaviour, and his gurning about not receiving enough financial offerings, and being labelled by a Moriel Australia volunteer “a malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug” for his idiot attacks on his own volunteers.  Theologian David Pawson, in an arbitration report between Prasch and his target the Elim denomination in 1998, keenly noted this about Prasch’s group:

“Moriel is a smaller group of autonomous fellowships in loose association, but its publications are the virtual mouthpiece of one dominant personality, apparently operating without mutual accountability.”

And about Prasch specifically David Pawson wrote:

“He is a powerful personality with considerable intellectual ability and emotional capacity. He has a unique ministry in Bible teaching, especially in the area of Jewish interpretation and application of scripture. His unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage. The title of his newsletters (‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’) has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation, whether this is intended or not.”

A few years down the line in 2003 Prasch’s group Moriel was listed by The Cult Information Service in Brisbane, Australia, in their list of Extremist Groups – Destructive and Manipulative Sects – Cults – High Pressure Groups on their website.  The group to this day watches out for fellow Australians, although no longer publishes publicly its list.  Here is the 2003 list:

Extremist Groups – Destructive and Manipulative Sects – Cults – High Pressure Groups.

We carry an extensive collection of articles and books on a wide variety of groups about whom concern has been expressed.  The following list represents a small selection of those about whom we have information.  In addition we have access to reference libraries and various sources.  If the group is known or significant, we can usually find out what types of beliefs they hold.

The listing a group on this page does not imply it is a “cult”.   It simply implies that some observers have expressed concerns about the extremist practices or unhealthy group processes exhibited by the group, and that critiquing information about them is available in the public domain.  They may be healthy – you decide for yourself.

Name(s) of Cults Location(s) Leader / Comments Year Founded Notes / Writings
Aum Shinrikyo Tokyo Japan Shoko Asahara 1987 Tokyo subway Nerve Gas attacks
Calvary Centre Brisbane Sharon & John Fawcett 1988 Small independent Christian Community
Children of God (see also the Family) USA Australia, various Archbishop Amos Otest,

David Berg.

1976 Free love, forced marriages, banned contraception, “Flirty Fishing”
Church Universal & Triumphant USA Elizabeth Clare Prophet 1961 Syncretism based on Christianity + ascended masters,  karma, re-incarnation.
Circle of Light USA Rev Cassandra D Anaya 1995? New Age psychic, channelling angels
Community Church

“The Community”

North East Kingdom Community

Canada, New Zealand   1972 Orthodox Evangelical theology, excessive on “cutting off from the world” and some cases of abducting children in divorce disputes.
Elan Vital – Maharaj Ji – Divine Light Mission – Premie USA   1973  
Family (see also Children of God)     Peter Amsterdam
Healers Numerous Various   Some Christian, some new age, other.
Heaven’s Gate California Marshall Applewhite   39 committed Suicide
Infinity – Forms of Yellow Remember Sydney Australia     Sells expensive water in vials.  Extensive website.
Jehovah’s Witnesses WorldWide Charles Taze Russell 1870 Strong Milieu Control, Anti-trinitarian, Exclusivist
Kenja Sydney Ken Dyers, Jan Hamilton 1991? Self-awareness, some allegations of sexual misconduct.
Life Integration Programs (The Metaphysical Association) Brisbane UQ Natasha Lakaev 1993 Excessive physical endurance courses
Local Church


  Witness Lee 1940s, Zealous group, Modal Monarchianism and Exclusivist. Centralised authoritarian structure. All other churches are “Satanic”.
Magnificat Meal Movement Helidon Qld Debra Geileskey… 1993 Catholic offshoot, Mary co-redemptrix,
Mahikari Japan, Australia Yoshikasu Okada,

Dr Andris Tebecis

1959 True Light radiating from hands.  Sometime members Richard & Jo Court. (WA premier)
Moonies Korea, USA Sun Myung Moon 1960 Numerous front organisations “Family Federation for World Peace” etc
Moral Rearmament USA Frank Buchman 1921  
Moriel   Jacob Prasch   Appears theologically orthodox. mildly-charismatic evangelical.
Mormons Utah, worldwide Joseph Smith 1830  
New Age Movements (see also “Cult Encounter” book by Rick & Helen Larson – Extra Terrestrial Earth Ministry) Worldwide Many and varied New groups emerge continually Combination of occult practices, divining, witchcraft
One Humanity Near Brisbane Shaiah Raz-ael Nineties Seeks to unite all religions
Paganism (See witchcraft) worldwide various ancient Related to new-age
People’s  Temple Guyana Jim Jones   913 committed suicide Guyana 1978
Potter’s House USA, worldwide Wayman Mitchell 1970 Orthodox Trinitarian Pentecostal.  Some have practiced “heavy shepherding”.
Promise Keepers Worldwide Barry Cutchie (Australia) 1990 Orthodox evangelical men’s movement. Some small concerns over USA right-wing influence.
Raelian – UFO cult USA, France, worldwide, Calude Vorilhon (“Rael”) 1973 Alien embassy plans. Demonstrated against “Independence Day” movie as “racist towards Aliens”
Reiki Japan, USA


Various   Healing with hands – energy
Essene New Life Church (see Reiki)        
Revival Centres International Worldwide L.R. Longfield 1958 Pentecostal extremist, British Israelism
Sant Thakar Singh (see also Yoga)        
Scientology USA, worldwide L.Ron Hubbard 1952? Cosmic alien religion.
Suma Ching Hai – the Quan Yin Method Vietnam, Taiwan, worldwide Ching Hai “living buddha”   Buddhist offshoot
Toronto Blessing Toronto, worldwide John Arnott, Rodney Howard Browne, 1994 Pentecostal Orthodox theologically, extreme in manifestations.
Trennia – New Apostles of Divine Mercy Ireland + ?     Divine Mercy Novena.
Twelve Tribes USA     Christian Unorthodox
United Pentecostal Movement     1910 Unitarian Pentecostals adhering to Modal Monarchianism.
Witchcraft Worldwide     Various types of different significance
World Peace Universal Church (Matson) Boondall, Brisbane Roger Gregory Matson 198?  
Yoga (see also Sant Thakar Singh) India Hindu Offshoot ancient Knowing God through body mastery. Bhagavad Gita.

This list is necessarily brief and indicative.  Call for more details

  (c) Cult Information Service – Brisbane Australia (07) 3878 5212 – Call Anytime.
This website carries information of a general nature only and is no substitute for professional counselling. 


The Jacob Prasch Files:

No.1: David Pawson’s 1998 Report on Prasch’s Behaviour

No.2: Prasch Damns His Chosen Arbiter David Pawson!

No.3: Prasch the “Malevolent and Breathtakingly Ungrateful Thug”

No.4: Moriel Australia Inc. & Prasch’s “List of Imaginary JW Supporters and Heretics”

No.5: “Head-kicking” Benny Hinn, and “Culling” Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” Subscribers

No.6: Prasch: Pastor or Predator?

No.7: Prasch: “Women Are Vulnerable to Spiritual Seduction More Than Men Are”

No.8: Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups”

Jacob Prasch Files No.7: Prasch: “Women Are Vulnerable to Spiritual Seduction More Than Men Are”

I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s.  This is the seventh in the collection:

In a previous post, Prasch wickedly attacked and damned his Moriel USA representative Annie Rogers for typically faked reasons and with phoney argumentation, and Prasch’s Moriel Australia volunteer Henry Sheppard deconstructed his pathetic attack and raised the spectre of Prasch being rendered mentally ill from a car crash in the mid 1990s.  In the attack, Prasch had stated his well-known dim view of women:


Henry Sheppard responded this way:


There can be no question that Annie Rogers needs to explain how she was seduced into working for Jacob Prasch, at great personal expense, given his unconscionable behaviour toward her since December 1998.
On the other hand, both the wives of Henry Sheppard and Greg Sowerby discerned that Jacob Prasch was more interested in money than either the people or the truth way back in 1996 when he complained bitterly about the size of the offering received at his second meeting in Adelaide.
We have to assume that the people about whom Jacob Prasch has made the most complaints over recent years — John Arnott, Jill Austin, Mike Bickle, Ian Bilby, Bill Bright, Michael Brown, Paul Cain, George Carey, David Cartledge, Morris Cerullo, Guy Chevreau, David Chilton, Yonggi Cho, Randy Clark, Gerald Coates, Chuck Colson, Kevin Connor, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Alun Davies, Patrick Dixon, James Dobson, Colin Dye, Andrew Evans, Mike Evans, Jerry Falwell, Roger Foster, Jay Gary, Rick Godwin, Billy Graham, Michael Green, Nicky Gumble, Kenneth Hagin, Michael Harper, Jack Hayford, Marilyn Hickey, Gordon Hills, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, Bryn Jones, Rick Joyner, Graham Kendrick, R.T. Kendall, E.W. Kenyon, John Kilpatrick, Lance Lambert, Larry Lea, Wynn Lewis, Ray Macauley, Chuck Missler, Gary North, J.I. Packer, Pat Robertson, Earl Paulk, Fred Price, Prince Charles, Phil Pringle, David Pytches, Mike Reed, Gail Riplinger, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Ed Roeberts, Rouses Rushdooney, Robert Schuller, Andrew Shearman, David Shearman, Warwick Shenton, Chuck Snow, R.C. Sproul, John Stott, Mike Sullivant, Colin Urquhart, Jack Van Impe, C. Peter Wagner, George Warnock, and John Wimberare all women.
After all, men are far less prone to spiritual seduction…

The Jacob Prasch Files:

No.1: David Pawson’s 1998 Report on Prasch’s Behaviour

No.2: Prasch Damns His Chosen Arbiter David Pawson!

No.3: Prasch the “Malevolent and Breathtakingly Ungrateful Thug”

No.4: Moriel Australia Inc. & Prasch’s “List of Imaginary JW Supporters and Heretics”

No.5: “Head-kicking” Benny Hinn, and “Culling” Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” Subscribers

No.6: Prasch: Pastor or Predator?

No.7: Prasch: “Women Are Vulnerable to Spiritual Seduction More Than Men Are”

No.8: Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups”