The Windmills of Don Quixote Prasch

Jacob Prasch had his squire Amos Farrell film his Epic in Phoney Argumentation; his most monumental cinematic turd: a 3-hour monologue from Prasch the accidental comedian. He covered so many topics that it would require the production of a 10-hour video debunking him, so instead I focussed on my main topic of interest Prasch dealt with, that being my claims about him cybersquatting the South African Government from 1999 to present day to try to manipulate $1,500,000 out of them. In Prasch’s 70-second segment about it, he went totally Don Quixote in his madness. He also brought up the charge against Joshua “Lydia” Chavez and a peculiar song about a Pink Submarine

Jacob Prasch Threatens Justin Peters by eMail

The wickedness of Jacob Prasch has today (Friday 10th July 2020) reached its zenith as excellent Bible teacher Justin Peters released a video documenting his communication with Jacob Prasch and Joshua “Lydia” Chavez.  In that communication the cult leader Jacob Prasch told the physically disabled Justin metaphorically that his decapitated body would be hung by his enemies upon a wall:



That is the type of person Jacob Prasch is.

Here is Justin’s excellent video:

In the video Justin ably pointed out the total lack of spiritual fruit in the lives of Jacob Prasch and Lydia Chavez, a charge they have zero ability to defend against.  It is pointed out in the video how those who exhibit no Spiritual fruit are not indwelt by the Spirit of God, thus, as Graham Baldwin concluded last year, Prasch cannot come under the title ‘Christian‘, and that is extended to Lydia who is nothing but a younger version of Prasch.

Here is the other email that Justin shows that he received from Prasch:


Note the way Prasch attacks and slanders people, then brazenly signs off “in Christ“.  The same style of attack with the sign off in Christ’s name was seen in Prasch’s lunatic railing attack on Deborah Du Rand in 2012 (as chronicled in this video), and in his lunatic attack on Chris Rosebrough earlier in the week.

Earlier in the week Bill Randles encouraged people to leave Moriel, and Chris Rosebrough looked at the cultic beliefs that underpin Prasch’s teaching. Tragically what you will find in response to Prasch being exposed is that whilst some people will leave the cult (as was seen in response to Prasch’s knee-jerk attack on Bill Randles this week), others like Ultra cult members like Amos Farrell (who Justin mentions) will experience a greater religious fervour in following their thinker/protector Prasch, in accordance with what psychologist Leon Festinger documented in the early 1950s when researching an End of the World cult like Prasch’s during and after the time the cult’s central beliefs were destroyed:

Consider Prasch fan Luis’s reaction to exposes about Prasch found on the Moriel conspiracy theory Facebook page Be Alert!:


Look at the language cult members use: Luis wasn’t “rescued” by Christ, no, he was “rescued…to [Prasch’s] ministry“.  What type of person says something like that, as if it is Moriel that is the conduit of salvation, the Noah’s ark equivalent.  And how tragic that someone can be in the cult for 27 years like Luis and in that time has not been able to see the dearth in fruit of the Spirit in its figurehead!  It reminds me of the recounting by Prasch of the deaths of two of his admins from South Africa and Australia who’d worked for him for decades.  To be thinking you’re working for Christ yet spend your life working to promote a truly heinous individual in Prasch, and then die in that state is utterly tragic.

What the ‘Henk’?! (Critique of a 4-Point Praschite)

With Jacob Prasch’s 1,735 word tirade directed at Chris Rosebrough and Bill Randles backfiring spectacularly with several Moriel fans cutting ties with the angry face of the personality cult in its wake, Prasch has swiftly changed tack and tried to defend his belief that Jesus is the Kabbalah figure of Metatron by using other people’s words rather than his own.  On Moriel TV’s Facebook feed, Prasch has today posted a letter directed at Bill Randles from somebody called ‘Henk’.

Henk copy

It tries to present a positive spin on Prasch’s position, and, like everything coming apparently from inside or from the fringes of the Prasch cult it fails to mention the elephant in the room of Prasch’s obvious, outrageous, ungodly behaviour which was seen in full force in Prasch’s knee jerk reaction to Bill Randles to start with.

Henk’ presents 4 points in defense of Prasch, all drawn from Prasch’s 2019 video that itself looked at whether he taught the Kabbalah, so I’ll analyse the points, after first pointing out how ‘Henk‘ says he became aware of Bill Randles’ blog post (in which Bill points people to Chris Rosebrough’s long video), and then ‘Henk‘ says he “decided to look into this issue to get to the truth“.


And what did ‘Henk‘ do to “get to the truth“? Well he firstly DIDN’T actually look at what Bill Randles directed people to—Chris’s video—he went scuttling straight back to Prasch. And so from that cultic foundation of apparently not actually fact-checking the resources Bill directed him to, ‘Henk‘ then outlines his defence of Prasch, saying:

(1) Jacob explicitly and strongly condemns ‘Kabalah’ [Zohar] teaching as false and occultic – he starts with it, repeats it during the video several times, and he ends with it.

Prasch can say a thousand times Kabbalah is occultic, but the central issue is that he teaches a figure from that same occult Kabbalah (named Metatron) is Jesus! It is two-faced to condemn the origins of Kabbalah all the while trying to extract from it your object of fascination and present that part as true when it isn’t.  Prasch is on record trying to say ‘Metatron’ is found in the Bible by the most insane scripture twisting, twisting that Chris Rosebrough documented and Bill Randles pointed people to.  It’s like me saying the Japanese form of Pure Land Buddhism is occultic, but then making an attempt to present its belief that salvation is found in simply uttering a single statement of faith in Amida Buddha as evidence that Amida Buddha is Jesus.  The very foundation of the belief is wrong, it is a wrong Christ, and no amount of distancing myself from all the Buddhist beliefs surrounding Amida Buddha can turn Amida Buddha into the Jesus of the Bible, yet this is what Prasch does with Kabbalah’s Metatron.

(2) Jacob uses a biblical example from Paul’s preaching, where the Apostle included a reference to the pagan poets of the Athenians in Acts 17:28 in his teaching.

Paul in that verse said,  ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ which was in reference to the “Unknown God” statue he had encountered.  Chris Rosebrough stated in his deconstruction of Prasch’s beliefs, that Paul was ignoring the other statues in the area of false gods and used the one which had no pre-existing belief tied to it; it was a “blank slate” for him to explain the true God, and the only true information that the Athenians had of that Unknown God was that he was indeed “unknown” to them until that time.  Prasch by contrast didn’t have a blank slate, he had Kabbalah’s Metatron in view.  He maybe tried to wipe the slate clean of various Kabbalah references with his multiple attempts to distance himself from Kabbalah, but because he used Kabbalah’s Metatron, the slate would always have an association with Kabbalah as my Amida Buddha example would always be tied to Japanese Pure Land Buddhism.

(3) I concur with Jacob that it is not wrong to use the false ideologies and teachings of other religions – Roman Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, etc, – as a point of reference to bring across the truth of the Gospel.

If I used the same principle as Prasch with my Pure Land Buddhism equivalent, and shared the Gospel via it, I wouldn’t have led someone to Christ, I’d have led someone to a hybrid of Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity, especially if the ‘Christ’ I’d described deliberately still had the Buddhist name and had a totally faked version of its name shoehorned into the Bible through twisting the meaning of Greek words as Prasch presented with his magic word ‘Metatron’ appearing in the Bible (which it does NOT).

(4) Another aspect that Jacob emphasizes in the video is the fact that his use of the ‘Metatron’ is only when he engages with orthodox Jews, those familiar with the concept, and never with others who are secular.
In other words, he does not teach ‘Kabalah’ nor does he endorse it, but rather uses this particular aspect as a ‘tool’ to engage in a discussion about the truth of Jeshua.

And were the Athenians “familiar” with the “Unknown God”?  No, they knew nothing except that if he existed they didn’t know him.  So Henk’s 4th point accidentally undermines his 2nd point, and reinforces my counter to his 3rd point, for Jews who know of Kabbalah’s Metatron who are led to that Metatron dressed up by Prasch as Jesus are as likely to end up with one foot in Christianity and one in the occult as the Japanese person who is told Pure Land’s Amida Buddha is Jesus.  It is one thing to state a comparison such as ‘the element of declaring faith in Pure Land’s Amida Buddha as the sole means of salvation is like a teaching about Jesus’ and a totally different thing to catagorically state ‘Pure Land’s Amida Buddha IS Jesus, and here is his name in the Bible.’  Prasch, with Kabbalah’s Metatron does the latter, and doesn’t invite a person into relationship with the Jesus of the Bible but rather invites them into his world of complete confusion.

I have stated for months that Jacob Prasch’s entire view of Christianity is corrupted by his Kabbalah-associated understanding of Midrash (the ancient Jewish hermeneutic).  Midrash is what has enabled Prasch to believe (amongst other things) that HE is John the Baptist Mk.2 for the second coming of Christ (see video below), that HE has Elijah’s spirit, that HE has the power to fling Bible verses as David slung stones with the power to kill, and that any false religious document in HIS hands has the power to decapitate people (see video below).  In his drive to discover new teachings about the Bible to make a name for himself as a guru like his fellow fake Jew Mark Biltz, and like the real Jew but fellow Bible contortion artist Jonathan Cahn, Prasch has surrendered legitimate Bible interpretation for something that makes more money, and ultimately causes division as his disciples perceive the Bible is riddled with all these mysteries Prasch uncovers and therefore conclude that those who don’t teach those things or cannot see those things are clearly not hearing from God the way Jacob Prasch is (a belief aided by the fool title of Prasch’s ministry ‘Moriel’ which means ‘God is my teacher’ in Hebrew; the thing David Pawson noted gave Prasch’s ministry a hint of “special revelation” in his lengthy overview of Prasch’s vile behaviour in the late 1990s).

Since discovering Midrash apparently in the 1970s via the 2 different cults he was in, Prasch has introduced countless thousands of unsuspecting souls to a polluted understanding of the Bible where literally everything seems to have multiple meanings and only a guru such as himself can explain it, drawing thousands of followers after himself, rendering them comically half blind to Prasch’s godless behaviour which they perceive the exposing of it—as Prasch himself does—as not an indicator that he lacks the Holy Spirit, but as an indicator Prasch is being persecuted for his Christlikeness!  But such is the madness of those who look out the personality cult in their Midrash-tinted glasses.

Supporting one of Prasch’s targets of abuse

Jacob Prasch has a LONG history of slandering and attacking his own staff:

  1. Prasch publicly slandered Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers, inventing information on her in the late 1990s.
  2. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel Australia volunteer and his own book editor Henry Sheppard for the crime of defending Annie Rogers.
  3. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel Japan missionary Geoff O’Toole in front of John Flubber Haller’s joint in Ohio.
  4. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel South Africa admin David Nathan with various invented reasons that were all debunked.
  5. Prasch today frequently publicly attacks Moriel’s former social media man Tim Wirth for speaking out the truth about Prasch.

Henry Sheppard labelled Prasch quite correctly as a “malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug“. Henry Sheppard’s chronicling of his time with the Prasch cult in the late 1990s has been instrumental in exposing Prasch’s behaviour back then, and in the past 2 years Tim Wirth has been just as instrumental in exposing Prasch’s present-day behaviour.  Tim Wirth’s wife has Alzheimers, and Jacob Prasch the grotesque rampaging fake Jewish Golem has even used that fact to also abuse Tim.  Tim has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him through these difficult times.  He writes

“I am an Alzheimer’s caregiver to my lovely wife Donna. Since the virus has hit and Easter Seals Day Care is closed I can no longer work parttime. I understand this is a tough time for everyone. Please take care of your own families first. God will always provide. And thanks in advance for those who can give and or pray. Blessings-Tim and Donna”

If you can support Tim his funding page is here.

Also, if you want evidence of the abuse Tim gets from the Moriel squad, look no further than Linda MacIntyre.  On the day several bloggers posted links to Tim’s GoFundMe fundraising, Tim was warning people about Jacob Prasch’s continued supporters such as John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel, and Marco Quintana of Devore Community Church, Linda had this to say in response:


Linda is well known for deleting her comments not long after posting them, so I took a snapshot of her abuse.  You’ll find Linda posts on Fellowship Bible Chapel and Devore Community YouTube pages, trying to drive traffic to them by using various hashtags, including conspiratorial words/phrases:


And you’ll also see her posting links onto John Haller’s personal Facebook page:


The followers of Prasch commonly seem to become like Prasch: nasty people.

Moriel’s goon squad calls Bill Randles a son of the Devil

With cult leader Jacob Prasch launching a fifth witch hunt on Bill Randles in the course of a calendar year, Prasch’s goon squad who run his conspiracy theorist Facebook page Moriel Ministries Be Alert! have picked up their flaming torches and pitchforks and announced that Bill Randles is a son of the Devil!


Hmm, so the argument from the Jacob Prasch cult’s admin is

  1. Jacob Prasch is right…
  2. …because Arnold Fruchtenbaum allegedly believes something…
  3. …therefore Bill Randles is not only wrong…
  4. …but because he sounds sincere Bill Randles is also a child of Lucifer….
  5. …because he disagrees with Jacob Prasch.

This mode of thinking is very Praschian as to the Prasch cult a disagreement becomes a damnable offence, because whilst in the Bible there is only 1 unpardonable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit -Matthew 12:31), in the Jacob Prasch cult there are THREE unpardonable sins:

  1. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  2. Taking the Mark of the Beast
  3. Pointing out Jacob Prasch’s errors

The same Moriel admin who sounds oddly like his ‘lord‘ Prasch also had this to say about Bill Randles 2 minutes later on his damning spree:


The fool admin apes ‘lord’ Prasch in exaggerating a background story to paint Bill Randles as a villain.  Now I’ve been documenting the Prasch cult from November 2018, so I know exactly the beginning of Bill Randles “fighting” Prasch.  The chronology was

  1. In Fall 2018 Jacob Prasch witch-hunted David Nathan with faked information.
  2. Stewart and Deborah Menelaws gave David a platform to defend himself.
  3. Jacob Prasch immediately witch-hunted the Menelaws.
  4. Bill Randles in winter 2018 wrote a blog article defending the Menelaws.
  5. Days later Prasch coerced Bill into deleting the criticism.
  6. In summer 2019 Prasch’s simmering about the criticism boiled over and he witch-hunted Bill for the first time labelling him Judas.
  7. Prasch apparently searched the whole works of Bill to find incriminating evidence against him (actions which Bill labelled “the Witch Hunt school of discernment”).
  8. Prasch presented “evidence” of Bill allowing a false teacher to teach at his church, and highlighted Bill’s friendship with Peter Danzy who Prasch says is a false teacher.
  9. Bill Randles ably defended himself, saying the first chap was a mistake on his behalf and he had accidentally left his video online, and the second was a friend with an odd hypothesis which he never publicly taught on.

The Moriel admin’s statement that Bill Randles was “good until” his material “took a turn for the worse” is a complete fabrication.  Bill Randles to my knowledge hasn’t taught falsehood and hasn’t changed anything about his core beliefs, thus his material has remained the same and is really quite good.  The only thing he did was commit the Prasch cult’s unpardonable sin of disagreeing with Prasch’s witch-hunt of the entirely innocent Menelaws.

The idiot Moriel admin continues by saying since then “Bill has participated in a relentless attack on Jacob and on Moriel as a whole“.  Good grief, if there is ANYBODY in the world who has frustratingly remained on the fence and refused for nearly 2 years to warn people against Prasch and Moriel it is Bill Randles.  Randles’ refusal to take a side for such an extended period with him trying to turn his ex-friend Prasch back to good caused me to lampoon him in my video series:


It means Bill Randles is perhaps the only person in the whole series who is LEAST deserving of being labelled as engaging in a “relentless attack on Jacob“.  It is pure fiction from the Moriel admin.  Bill has only come out publicly to warn people away from Moriel this very week in early July 2020 after months of warnings about behavioural issues.  If this week’s godly warning to believers can be seen as a “relentless attack“, then the word ‘relentless’ in the Prasch cult must mean “a period of time no longer than 12 hours” since Prasch immediately called for Bill to lynched within hours of Bill finally warning people about him and Moriel.

As I was writing this, I saw the Moriel goon squad had posted another comment which is sheer straw man:


So here the admin, like an idiot, straw mans Bill’s view that it is dangerous to use Kabbalah to evangelise Jews by twisting into saying the general evangelising of Jews itself is heresy!  Besides strawmanning Bill, the admin also injected an emotional argument based on the fact that all Moriel cultists are also devout Jew-fanciers, meaning the emotionalised straw man has the effect of triggering the cultists into their Jew-centric religious mania.

The Moriel admin’s views are a perfect snapshot of the idiocy that goes on inside the Prasch cult’s echo chamber, where propaganda is created and lies swirl around, and ALL of it is designed to COVER JACOB PRASCH’S SINS, when the observable reality is Jacob Prasch is a fake Jewish Golem who rampages through the church causing endless pain and suffering, and those fools who work for him deliberately blind themselves to reality to maintain a godless clown as their thinker and protector!

Jacob Prasch’s idiotic ‘masterpiece’ of failed argumentation

Yesterday ‘Der Golem‘ Jacob Prasch had a knee-jerk reaction to Bill Randles releasing his short 5 minute video about Prasch which referenced Chris Rosebrough’s multi-hour films debunking Prasch.  The knee-jerk reaction resulted in a 1,735 word essay from Prasch’s poison pen that is quite easily the most vital evidence in presenting Jacob Prasch’s utter inability to function rationally.  It is an hilarious evidence-free, ad hominem-strewn rant, and the fact that Prasch wrote and presented it in defence of himself reveals he cannot defend himself logically on any level against anything.

Below I’ve pointed out the 8 major argumentation fallacies he repeats throughout his essay, there are several more but I ran out of clearly identifiable colours for the chart, and the middle section was becoming hard to read with any more arrows.  If you find it hard to read, here is the full-size file.


The funny thing about Prasch’s rant, like the infamous one he sent to Deborah Du Rand in 2012 as documented in this video, Prasch signs off brazenly stating “In Christ”.


Jacob Prasch’s conspiracy theory Facebook group Be Alert! Moriel Ministries posted the Prasch rant, and it resulted in this back and forth (see image below) between an outraged “top fan” of Moriel called Paul, an anonymous Moriel admin, and Colin a “Moriel follower”.  When Paul states the Prasch rant contains the type of “anger and evil” that he sees in the non-Christians he works with, the hyper conditioned echo chamber-dwelling admin responds, apparently not deliberately sarcastically ironic, with the question “What language?”  Despite Paul being classified as a “top fan” of Moriel’s Be Alert! page, the Moriel admin dismisses the source of the cognitive dissonance by naming Paul “an outsider”.  Colin (not Colin Higgs), the “Moriel follower” then appears on the scene to speak the type of mindless fantastical garbage Prasch himself routinely spews from his ivory tower in Cloud Cuckoo land, stating the information presented against Prasch is “sinister“, then states it is evidence that the end times are happening!  It is nuts!


Jacob Prasch lynches Bill Randles for a FIFTH time!

Last week Chris Rosebrough epically deconstructed Jacob Prasch’s mystique and exposed him as a Kabbalah teacher in three videos running at a couple of hours (video 1, video 2, video 3).  I half thought Prasch would exhibit an immediate knee-jerk reaction to it all.  But no.  However, the much lesser-known Pastor Bill Randles from Iowa, a former friend of Jacob Prasch, well, today he posted a minute video reiterating Chris’s concern about Prasch’s teaching, and guess what?!  Prasch, the destructive fake Jewish Golem, had an immediate knee-jerk reaction, penning a 1,735 word document and sending it out to all his remaining cult members!

Here is the epic rant of Prasch:


Why, you may ask, did such a short video pointing people to Chris’s videos result in such a sudden railing response from Prasch?  Well, the fact is Prasch in his lunatic asylum has a special place in his interpretation of Hell arranged for Bill Randles alongside Judas Iscariot, for last summer Prasch first went berserk against Bill and made the most idiotic cult video ever in which he tried his most manipulative language to attempt to coerce Bill Randles to commit suicide by hanging, all for the crime of…writing blog articles against him!

Prasch was unsuccessful in having his own personal Judas hang himself, but tried a further THREE times over the course of 2019 to destroy Bill Randles.  I documented each effort in this blog post, documentation which ultimately became important to this video which looked into the info Bill Randles has on Prasch about Prasch’s son who stayed with the Randles in 2018…

…information which Bill Randles hasn’t so far used against Prasch, oddly enough.  Knowing what I know about it, it’s quite remarkable that Bill has held back and it actually shows Bill has tried more than anyone else to save Prasch his blushes.  Funny in light of that effort to protect Prasch that Bill has gone to that Prasch simply ignores that grace and rants endlessly about Bill, pointing out his church problems, and tries to assassinate Bill’s character by linking him presently to a false teacher from the past—claims Bill has openly repeatedly responded to and explained well.

I can’t help but laugh at the sheer stupidity and absurdity of Prasch in trying to assassinate anyone’s character over perceived failings when Prasch himself is the most documented failure in the Christian world…EVER.

Prasch also tries to demean Pastor Bill by claiming nobody reads his books.  Yeah, well I’ve read two of Prasch’s authoritative books Shadows of the Beast and Harpazo and I was unable to read even one citation, because as esteemed theologian Anton Bosch discovered, Prasch never uses citations (and routinely makes up quotes).

Of note in Prasch’s epic rant is that whilst he mentions Chris Rosebrough multiple times, Prasch doesn’t mention any of the allegations against Prasch that Chris had reiterated in his videos, such as Prasch cybersquatting the South African Government for $1,500,000 over the course of many years.  Instead Prasch uses his 1,735 words to simply attack Chris and Bill, and multiple times uses his guilt by association ploy!

You see Prasch can only handle allegations which he can downplay by inflaming his cult audience entirely via their pre-existing biases against various denominations which he himself has created through his years of teaching them!  Once you see Prasch do this, you can’t unsee it, and it becomes a marker by which you can spot his subterfuge, thus much of his 1,735 word essay is, essentially, cultic subterfuge designed to whip idiots like Amos Farrell into cultic fervour, so that they can continue to believe the lie that Jacob Prasch is a trustworthy teacher!

For instance, look at the reply to Bill’s video that Colin Higgs (“Mr Dissonance Reduction” himself from episode 10, who “accidentally” called Jacob Prasch his “lord”) wrote in defence of Prasch:


Ahh, so according to Colin Higgs, people who speak out against Jacob Prasch are…“doing the work of the enemy”.  Really, Colin.  Perhaps the person doing the enemy’s work is the man whose entire life is built upon lies and exhibiting ZERO fruit of the Spirit over 23+ years of “ministry“.

I also see that 2 of Prasch’s Ultra cult members Amos Farrell and Petia have given their hearty approval to their thinker/protector’s railing:


Pastor Bill Randles Calls People to Depart Moriel Because of Prasch’s Metatron Heresy

Pastor Bill Randles, who I’ve pointed out as weak in the past, has come on strong and courageous by writing a blog post and filming himself telling people to research Jacob Prasch’s Metatron bilge he’s drawn out the Kabbalah and lied about being in the Bible which Chris Rosebrough deconstructed. Pastor Bill echoed Prasch’s oft-repeated words of warning that if he ever strays from being sound then people should leave him. Bill asks, how far must he stray before people heed that warning, then explains why the Metatron teaching is that point of necessary departure.

I’d argue Prasch has been off the path from day one with his lunatic raging, decades of Walter Mittyism, cybersquatting the South African government for 21 years, and attacking people including his own volunteers for decades, but the key thing is Bill points out the various things that draw people to Prasch and aid them in overlooking his complete absence of Spiritual fruit, such as his going after false teachers.

Although the Metatron teaching has recently been widely exposed by Chris Rosebrough, Pastor Bill called it out last October.

Pastor Bill also recognises how he is liable to be attacked by Prasch’s “ministry” Moriel for speaking out, and indeed it would be I think the 5th time Prasch will have attacked him. Dave Borlase experienced that last year, with his elderly father receiving threats as well.

Here is a link to Pastor Bill’s website article.

Do some digging and you’ll find a lot of fawning over the Metatron from Prasch:

The Day the Mystique Died

July 2nd 2020: A day that will live in infamy for Jacob Prasch’s disciples, the day pillar one of the cult came spectacularly crashing down, a year after pillar three tumbled, leaving just pillar two of its triad beliefs still standing…

Pillar 3 was Prasch presenting himself as half-Jewish as a means of giving himself undeserved credibility in teaching Jewish Midrash, a belief that Treena Gisborn destroyed in 2019 with her research that found Prasch to be not half-Jewish but 100% Irish-American.

Pillar 1 was Prasch teaching that aforementioned Midrash interpretation of the Bible, the thing the disciples held onto in light of their cult leader’s lies, seeing as he, to them, had this mysterious insight into the Bible nobody else had that aided them in overlooking Prasch’s godlessness and charlatanism as a Walter Mitty fake Jew. Well, until 2nd July 2020 when Chris Rosebrough utterly demolished Prasch’s farcical Kabbalah beliefs in this video that will leave the Prasch cult’s echo chamber as uninhabited as Chernobyl—except for those who willingly want to be rendered radioactive.

This means only one pillar of the cult remains intact, and that is Prasch’s outrageous witch hunts and attacks on all and sundry. There may be a handful of imbeciles who’ll stick with the lunatic radioactive cult leader with only that one pillar remaining, such as Amos Farrell the Moriel “thug in a leather jacket” because going by previous form he’s too stupid to grasp what has happened, but the majority of the cult can from this day on never have the capacity to defend Prasch’s attacks and lack of spiritual fruit with the trump card that “My Jacob Prasch teaches the truth!“, because…he DOESN’T.

Throughout the years the facade of Prasch’s mystique has blown over repeatedly, but now it has been nuclear-bombed by Chris, who repeatedly showed how Prasch is a liar to his disciples in the most shameful episode of scripture-twisting I’ve seen, with Prasch exposed for doubling down on his outright herecy regarding his fake Jesus known as Kabbalah’s Metatron.

July 2nd 2020 will surely be looked back on as the day the organ grinder in the Prasch cult’s echo chamber ceased keeping time with the grinding, the smile wiped from his face; the day murmurs began and weren’t dampened immediately by the Ultras; the day the blast radius of the cognitive dissonance blew all their clothes off and left them standing like their Pope-like emperor Prasch: in nothing, with Prasch no longer able to convince his disciples he is arrayed gloriously in the splendor of wisdom given to him by God, for Jacob Prasch worships…the Metatrone.


As this Kabbalah bombshell means Prasch’s disciples will be leaving the echo chamber in droves, I’ve put together a Metatron evangelism video for Moriel TV: