Jacob Prasch’s Satanic Rage Manifesto

Jacob Prasch, the fake Jewish Golem who has been attacking the church and Christians for a documented 22 years thus far, has published today an Elliot Roger style manifesto that can best be summed up by Prasch’s own quote that was supposed to describe someone else but perfectly describes himself:

 “…the abject howling of a terminally wounded beast…”

The lunatic’s manifesto title is similarly accidentally perfect at summing up the manifesto itself:

“The Rant of the Desperate”

The ALL CAPS subtitle by Prasch also perfectly accidentally describes Prasch’s motives for penning the manifesto:


Prasch’s manifesto is 4,500 words of just endless screaming repetition of what must be about 100 different lies, so many of which have been heavily debunked by me any many others over the years, consequently I’d label his manifesto The Jacob Prasch Satanic Rage Manifesto. Here is the top page of it on his website Moriel.org.  Should I print the whole manifesto here, there would be 10 more pages below this one:


If you want I’ve made the original Moriel blog post of the The Jacob Prasch Satanic Rage Manifesto into a pdf you can view here.

As a general overview, Prasch, in writing the Satanic Rage Manifesto which is so riddled with lies and slander and obfuscation, he is, to the rational Christian, doubling down with the Father of Lies, Satan.  Prasch can’t see that reality, however, because he’s an idiot whose entire life and ministry has become one gigantic hyper-exposed lie.

Prasch’s Satanic Rage Manifesto goes after several targets, specifically Stewart and Deborah Menelaws and Chris Rosebrough via his son Joshua Rosebrough.  In Prasch going after the former, he has simply regurgitated his package of lies against them I heavily debunked in season one of the Jacob Prasch series which you can watch here.  And in Prasch going after the latter by regurgitating lies uttered against Chris’ son Joshua (which Chris debunked over a year ago in a lengthy post on his website), Prasch is rather foolishly again bringing up the issue of a son as a means of deciding whether the father should be in ministry… which means in order to avoid the charge of hypocrisy, one must take a look at Prasch and his own son Eli to see if there be a speck, a plank, or clear sight to permitted to point at others, so I did have a look in this video below…and boy oh boy!


The Prasch Cult Fruit Tree & Its Thirteen Deadly Poisons

Having researched the James “Jacob” (née Aloysius) Prasch Jr. lunatic personality cult for over a year and a half and having observed the quite frankly barking mad disciples he has, I’ve noted thirteen specific deadly deeds and ways of thinking that seem to be exhibited frequently by those cultists, which can be quite fun to spot, and once you learn to spot them you can’t then ‘unsee’ them. Hopefully this video helps you identify the acts of idiocy all the Prasch personality cult members engage in to differing degrees on a daily basis, especially when they are communicating with people outside their cult’s echo chamber.

47 The Prasch Cult Fruit Tree

The Thirteen Deadly Fruits of the Jacob Prasch Cult’s Tree Exhibited in His Disciples on a Daily Basis:

1) The strict elevation of cult leader Prasch as a special figure who is a spokesman for and is taught directly by God

2) The strict obedience to that cult leader’s widely debunked and highly deceptive narrative

3) The mirroring of the extremist attitudes of Prasch in pursuing his attack targets

4) The negative reaction to sources of cognitive dissonance, that drives them to attack naysayers who question Prasch’s narratives with evidence

5) The continual avoidance and escaping from the threat posed by reality and evidence

6) The widespread accepting of the total inability to question the authoritarian Prasch.

7) The creation of and belief in illogical propaganda designed to maintain the central belief system of the cult

8) The attributing of incriminating evidence against Prasch as stemming directly from Satan (ad hominem attacks)

9) The widespread acceptance of strawmanning as legitimate argumentation

10) The misapplying of Scripture to excuse and elevate their leader (such as blasphemously claiming Prasch has Christ’s righteous anger from when Christ overturned tables in the Temple)

11) The inability to achieve functional Scriptural balance (such as a failure to recognise a constant exhibiting of only “righteous anger” and a concurrent dearth of fruit of the Spirit means the evidence of righteous anger is merely constant ungodly anger)

12) The widespread religious mania associated with the elevation of modern day Israel and Jewish people (which is seen in cult members adopting Jewish symbols, or like its leader, faking being Jewish).

13) The correlating widespread acceptance of conspiracy theories associated with Jews and agendas against Jews, and therefore against the cult’s prime Jewish figure Prasch as motivating the whole world and all naysayers

This is Episode 47 in The Jacob Prasch Series.

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Jacob Prasch & The 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication

I noticed one of James “Jacob” (née Aloysius) Prasch Jr’s followers named Colin Higgs was calling someone a liar for saying Prasch hans’t appeared drunk in only his most recent attack video, but has several times.  Colin asks this question:

“Where have you seen Jacob drunk when he is teaching or any other time.”


Colin forgets the question mark, but it’s a question, so I though I’d answer it.

The first major time I noticed Prasch observably appear to be drunk was in his Spring 2019 performance at John Flubber Haller’s joint in Ohio, a live-streamed fiasco of a performance which you can watch here.  Flubber’s mates forgot to capture images for the first third, but there was sufficient evidence in the last 2 thirds to suggest there was something very wrong with him.  I put the evidence into a reaction video here:


In that critique video I suggested viewers download the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s checklist of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication (a recognised US government document) and see how many identifiers they could spot with Prasch.  Here it is:


The second major time Prasch appeared to tick various boxes of the above checklist was during his early Winter 2019 Moriel Scottish Conference at Gartmore House.  I did a blog post back then detailing how he had appeared to assume a drunken position in his session 3 video, pointing out how he had sunk so low in his giant padded chair at one point in an attack-oriented moment that the cameraman had to adjust the camera lower and it became hard to conclude that he wasn’t intoxicated.  Here is a 3 minute clip after the camera has been adjusted:

The most recent example of Prasch appearing to tick various boxes of the Oregon Liquor Control Commision’s list of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication was on 21st July 2020 when he was filmed in a monstrous long-winded attack video loaded with slander, in which he appeared dishevelled and made rather frequent and obvious hiccuping and burping noises the type cartoon characters make when appearing drunk, which I evidenced in this response and critique video yesterday:


Prasch has had his love of Jack Daniels and single malt Scotch whisky exposed by Graham Baldwin the spiritual abuse counsellor at Catalyst Counselling in 2019, stating he has various information from former Moriel staff who provided evidence of the whisky bills Prasch would run up at hotels he’d stay at during teaching visits.  Skip the video to 29:00:

So there you go Colin Higgs, there are multiple times Prasch has according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s checklist appeared to be intoxicated whilst teaching over the past 16 months.

CMFI: A Picture of Shame

In his 11th July 2020 attack video, doomsday cult leaderJacob” Prasch held up his membership card of the “Christian” group who have since October 2016 awarded him the title of “Minister“:


The group is called Christian Ministerial Fellowship International (CMFI), and in its board members qualifying Prasch for his position in the church, they are fully complicit in the damage he has willfully wrought in the church since October 2016, specifically complicit is CMFI’s head who signed the card to validate it, John Angliss:



Any legitimately functioning ministerial fellowship would hold its members to account and hear the concerns from spiritually abused people. Not so with CMFI, because I would argue they aren’t a legitimately functioning ministerial fellowship, they are closer to an old boy’s club of silly old incompetent fools, who in the case of Prasch involved themselves in a cover-up to overlook Prasch’s godless rampages, possibly in order to keep him on their books.

David Nathan (who Prasch witch-hunted in Fall 2018 and presented faked information about), expected CMFI to perform their expected duty and investigate the slander their charge Prasch had subjected him to publicly which had effectively ended his ministry efforts in the United Kingdom, America and Australia. Wellllll….David presented the documented results to his church in South Africa in late 2018, showing them CMFI’S astonishingly pathetic cover-up, in which CMFI agreed with Prasch’s slanderous summation of David and likewise declared David a heretic after “following very careful and prayerful consideration of all the evidence” before stating “all” their “evidence” was entirely PRASCH’S EDITED SMEAR CAMPAIGN ATTACK VIDEOS! I’m not exaggerating! In the video below David Nathan showed the correspondence he received from CMFI where they admitted it—apparently not aware of the significance of it in eradicating their own credibility: (shift the video to 38:23)

Not only are CMFI a non-functioning collection of silly old incompetent fools who are incapable of performing a legitimate investigation into one of their members whose godless behaviour has been remarkably widely exposed as being consistent in its rank godlessness since 1998, they have persisted in enabling Prasch to maintain his platform shamelessly in the face of a veritable mountain of evidence documenting his ongoing demonised rampage that has left spiritually abused and slandered people in his wake.

John Angliss is the man who gave a dangerous cult leader accreditation, covered up for him and thus aided and abetted a mentally ill spiritual abuser, and will now unavoidably be tied to Prasch for future church history students as a most outrageous example of a criminally negligent head of a ministerial group; a group who absurdly claim on their website they can help……..identify cults! Here is their website:


Jacob Prasch: Full Metal Headcase

On July 11th and 20th 2020, James “Jacob” (Aloysius) Prasch Jr released 2 attack videos running at a combined total of 5+ hours—attack videos in which Prasch, without any sense of shame and without reality having penetrated his Irish-saturated Germanic blockhead, simply rehashed his same phoney, widely-debunked arguments against a long list of his witch-hunt targets, apparently thinking 2 years after he first started spewing those malicious lies and was immediately debunked, that they’d miraculously work in riding roughshod over documented reality this time. The definition of insanity is to endlessly repeat the same things expecting a different result, and as that is the action Prasch persists in, he is, by definition, insane. As Prasch has also this month been outed for his violent threat of decapitation towards the disabled Justin Peters, I review some of the main phoney arguments in his 5+ hour pile of crap films with the help of a fittingly bloody Monty Python sketch, and conclude there is no hope for a man who has so abandoned reality and is so heavily enchanted by the Father of Lies, Satan.

WARNING: this film contains graphic bloodshed, indestructible ignorance, and scenes of a cult-leading nature.


Jacob Prasch the hypocrite with his violent deadbeat son

Jacob Prasch has spent the last 11 days attacking the source of the dissonant information which is so effecting his personality cult: Chris Rosebrough revealed genealogical research that showed Prasch was a fake Jew who’d lied about his name and heritage to invent a Jewish facade from which to present himself as a leading Jewish Midrash teacher; Chris exposed the Prasch personality cult as a Doomsday Cult due to its extreme beliefs about the End Times; and Chris exposed Prasch’s Kabbalah belief that Jesus is the Metatron. Prasch, having no method of legitimately dealing with what Chris exposed, did his A-typical schtick and attacked with phoney information. He attacked Chris by regurgitating phoney allegations against Chris’s son Joshua, allegations which were—if Prasch had taken the time to research—were all debunked by Chris’s own church TWICE.

Research and reality don’t suit the muck-slinging Prasch though, so ignoring how the malicious claims against Joshua were debunked, he simply spewed them out again, using what was false as a means to discredit the father Chris, itself a means of stamping out the source of his cult’s painful cognitive dissonance, painful reality which has the power to destroy the cult and forever eradicate Prasch’s Jewish facade.

Howeverrrrrrr… since Prasch tried to discredit Chris by pointing at his innocent son, I thought I’d check to see if Prasch himself had tried to point out a non-existant speck in Chris’s eye when he had a speck in his own, making him a hypocrite by Jesus’s reckoning:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:3)

Annnnnnd, let’s just say, it’s not a speck. It’s not a plank. It’s an entire TREE. Here is my research:


While Prasch used innuendo and malicious, debunked fabrication against Chris’s son as a means of discrediting Chris, the information I found on Prasch’s son is all in the public record via the Iowan Police and an Iowan news channel that used information from the Iowan Police. In it all Prasch is once again exposed as a most raging hypocrite, meaning the standard by which he tried to take down Chris will be the measure by which Prasch must be held to, and since Prasch had tried to destroy Chris’s ministry and platform via his regurgitated fabrications, Prasch’s own “ministry” and platform must be removed as a consequence.


The above snapshot is a Iowan Police record see via a Bing.com cache. Caches only last a few weeks, but this is the still active cache as of 22 July 2020.

The cache records Officer Herman as the arresting officer, which may be Conner Herman on the left who was sworn in as an Iowa City Police Officer in 2018:


Amos Farrell (From A Parallel Dimension)

In the previous post I captured an illogical rant on Facebook from Jacob Prasch’s Ultra cult member Amos Farrell.  When reading it I noted how although he was trying to describe Chris Rosebrough, Amos was actually perfectly describing Prasch instead!  So I’ve taken the illogical rant and switched a few names and topics around so that an intelligent version of Amos Farrell from a parallel dimension can describe Jacob Prasch:



Prasch Ultra disciples Amos Farrell and Petia Iotova CONCEDE Prasch ISN’T Jewish by flailing in debate and redefining ‘Jew’ to qualify Prasch

Jacob Prasch’s right hand man Captain Tinfoil Amos Farrell the bovine conspiracy theorist and issuer of fake Police documents to get his lord Jacob Prasch off the hook for spiritual abuse, and Prasch’s blonde Russian translator Petia Iotova have been attacking Chris Rosebrough for his declaring their lord Jacob to be a liar (which Prasch unavoidably is), with them taking umbrage at Chris’s questioning of their lord’s mooted half Jewish origins (a belief that represents one pillar of the Jacob Prasch personality cult’s triad of beliefs).  In their attack via Amos’s Facebook feed, they both accidentally opened themselves up to face the power of Chris’s evidence against Prasch being half Jewish, and in the face of that information that was so painfully dissonant to the half-Jewish mantras they repeat in the cult’s echo chamber, the pair of them began utterly flailing and then accidentally conceded defeat by attempting to redefine what a Jew is in order to accommodate Prasch (the same way the cult will redefine what spiritual fruit is in order to accommodate Prasch who exhibits none).

As I half except Amos to delete the evidence, I thought I’d snapshot it for a record.  If this is how quickly the Prasch cult’s Ultras fold when in the presence of evidence, what’s the likelihood Prasch will ever turn up for the debate Chris asked to be held in Jerusalem in the presence of actual Jews?  Going by Prasch’s previous form, I’d say a 0% likelihood.