James Jacob Gump & The Man Who Killed Elvis

When I first researched James Jacob Prasch 2 years ago I initially only looked at his claims made about others and I found his claims to be absurd lies. Over time I began to look at some of the claims Prasch has made about himself, and it turned out Prasch has been just as keen to lie about himself as he has been to lie about others, albeit the lies he has told about himself have been calculated to result in his personal enrichment whilst his lies uttered against others are designed to cause them harm.

Prasch’s exposed lies about his life revolve largely around his fool claim that he’s a half Jew from his father’s side, when Prasch’s OWN BROTHER Bob denies the fool claim. Prasch has claimed to be a half Jew as a means to enrich himself as he teaches Jewish Midrash so being half Jewish apparently gives him additional credibility, and around that total lie he has created other elements of the half Jew façade, such as him being recorded multiple times with church audiences claiming his son was in an IDF tank combat brigade (for 2 years). The reality however was his son Eli merely had a DESK JOB, but that reality didn’t assist in the conversion of money into Prasch’s charity Moriel’s coffers, so he exaggerated massively and actively deceived potentially tens of thousands of people.

Prasch the fake Jew in a Kippa

I’ve recorded a lot of video and documentary evidence to expose Prasch as a notorious habitual fake Jew charlatan and fraudster who has gone to the extreme length of forging and presenting a DNA report as a means to ‘prove’ to his paying fans he’s still Jewish.

But one of my lesser-presented topics about Prasch’s life of lies has been his Forrest Gump-like life of apparently coincidentally meeting and conversing with all manner of famous folks including Kings, Prime Ministers (30min), a serial killer, Oscar winners, and most commonly famous musicians. Consider the following claims of Prasch which link him to all these 1960s-70s era musicians…

Prasch claims he was once in the “pop music industry,” and was, and still is, friends with “major major pop stars“…

Prasch spoke to former Beatle John Lennon, gave him a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia, and saw him again…not long before he died

Prasch knew John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Lennon

Prasch partied with The Rolling Stones at Mick Jagger‘s birthday in NYC

…claims he travelled to the event in an elevator with Rolling Stone Charlie Watts

…and was accompanied by Count Basie the jazz musician…

Prasch boasted he slept with one of the wives of The Rolling Stones, and claims to still be friends, yet a cursory search of Prasch’s 676 Facebook friends doesn’t find her, nor anybody else on this list…

The Johnny
Ramone statue

Prasch used to “take drugs with” and “got stoned with” members of the punk band The Ramones, although Prasch incorrectly identified (twice) his supposed late friend Joey Ramone as Johnny Ramone when seeing the latter’s statue in a Hollywood cemetery. Prasch also claimed all 4 original members of The Ramones are buried in Hollywood, but only 2 are (Dee Dee and Johnny)…

Prasch knew David Bowie well enough to determine he was smarter than Mick Jagger…

Prasch knew another of The Beatles, George Harrison, and gave him, via a go-between dentist, a testimony book with an attack inscription in the front page railing at him, resulting in George Harrison throwing the book in rage, before then taking it back to read….not long before he died

Prasch also claims to have known Kinks frontman Ray Davies, as well as Little Richard, and Cliff Richard whom he met at an “artist’s meeting” in NYC…

Prasch’s ‘connections’ to the Pop world meant he in recent years got a “stage pass” to see Blondie and Phil Collins, yet conveniently turned them down…

…and Prasch even connects his (clearly false) Christian conversion to Bob Dylan by stating he was saved near to Bob Dylan’s house in Manhattan.

Prasch’s narcissism inhaler

Prasch seems to be oddly attracted to the mystique of musicians, despite commonly railing against the music world in his attack videos, almost as if he likes inserting himself into their lives and sponging some of their aura, converting it into a supply of narcissism he can snort as his audience hears his name-dropping. Case in point is Prasch railing against musicians supposedly belonging to the Devil, yet is here seen sponging the aura of musician Robert Johnson, the brilliant 1930s singer who was Patient Zero in terms of musicians alleged to have sold their soul to the Devil for music success:

A bit ironic, isn’t it? Not only Prasch apparently revering a man who is alleged to have sold his soul to the Devil, but also Prasch being photographed with so much booze nearby, including Jack Daniels, considering I’ve pointed out his reliance on the drink. The photograph was taken by and posted on the Pinterest photo collection of one David Lister.

Prasch’s drive to remain high and giddy from the supply of narcissism his inserting himself into the lives/mystique of musicians and his name-dropping produces has however resulted in him in his giddy (possibly drunk) state to reveal who killed Elvis Presley. No joke!

In the following video, speaking to young people in 2017 in Brisbane, Australia (the city coincidentally that listed Prasch’s Moriel group as a suspected cult back in 2003), Prasch starts name-dropping, begins getting high, has to cover his eyes multiple times rather oddly, and then directly implicates his Moriel 2nd in command secretary/treasurer and Robert Johnson gravesite photographer David Lister as the person who collected the drugs which killed Elvis Presley the next day! [Play from 1:21:30 for Elvis claim, or 1:19:00 for earlier name dropping]

“The guy who works—runs—our ministry in America, David Lister, he worked for Elvis Presley in Graceland when Elvis died.  Um, he worked for Elvis’s brother Ricky actually, but the night before Elvis Presley died, David, whose now with us, his job—one of his jobs—he went out with a forged prescription and he got these pills for Elvis with the forged prescription.  I know who killed Elvis, now he works for me. But anyway. He was in that—he was in Graceland when Elvis died, [unintelligible] it was almost the day before.  He told me everything.”

Jacob Prasch, Zion Chapel (Brisbane, Australia), August 25th 2017

So in Prasch’s own words, David Lister, his Moriel second in command “killed Elvis”. What’s interesting is David Lister can actually be placed in the proximity of Elvis since according to public records David Lister (aka Filister) lived only a few minutes from Graceland:

…which means Prasch, in knowing Lister’s culpability, is technically aiding a person directly implicated in killing the King, necessitating either Prasch speaks to Memphis Police, or David Lister hand himself in for the crime of engaging in the illegal distribution of drugs resulting in death.

Bonus Content: Famous Amos (or so he claims)

Amos Farrell:
the face of an idiot

Due to the fantastical claims of Jacob Prasch and their relationship to popular music, I thought here may be an ideal place to highlight a very particular and as-yet unproven claim made by another Moriel member about their supreme achievements in the music world. This time around the claim stems from Jacob Prasch’s Ultra cult member Amos Farrell in the middle of an attempted and failed takedown of Moriel critic (and successful musician) Tim Wirth. I’ve highlighted the claim in the whole post below:

Here is the boast in question:

So Amos Farrell, known to have been a Police Officer in London for a few years, and a Fake Police Officer from 2019 with a drive to release fake Police documents to close down enquiry into his object of fascination and “lord” Jacob Prasch, claims in his life he has been a drummer who has performed to larger audiences than professional career musician/drummer Tim Wirth (Gary Lewis & The Playboys, The Coasters, and others) has done; has played to “heads of state all over the world”, and to “VVIPS”.

“Famous” Amos’s rather wild claim was made in mid September 2020 and as of today remains on his RTN TV Facebook feed, but also remains unverified, so while we wait for David Lister to hand himself in to Police in Memphis for his involvement in killing Elvis, we can also wait for Amos Farrell to substantiate his wildly successful drumming career claims.

4 thoughts on “James Jacob Gump & The Man Who Killed Elvis

  1. Yes, I was for sure going to weigh in on this one. Here is my opinion on how and why these liars lied like they did. Let’s start with David Lister. If you look at a picture of Memphis Mafia which was the group Elvis hung out with there is a guy that kinda looks like Lister but it’s not him its check out the first guy talking in this clip. It does look a little bit like Lister and Lister’s parents as well as David did live in Memphis but this guy in the movie clip is not Lister.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVPmwnUmPok. . When Prasch first told me this I went face to face with Lister and asked him if this was true “That he even knew Elvis?’ Lister just shook his head and said: “That Jacob.” Lister never admitted it to it or denied it. I think they just made up the story because David does kind of look like one the guys in the Memphis Mob. also not that for someone from Memphis Lister has zero Southern accent at all. Take note that Elvis got prescription drugs from his doctor George Nichopoulos. I also was friend’s with Hal Blaine one of Elvis drummers. Hal played on the Wrecking Crew. Hal did not know who David Lister is or was. As for Prasch’s stories they always changed. at one point he said he gave George Harrison “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe” from CS Lewis (which I thought was an odd book to witness with) and then that story often changed to “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. And Prasch was in Harrison’s hospital room? Really? SMH. If he had access to Harrison’s hospital room why not just share the gospel. Most of all if Harrison was dying and his time was short. Yes, I’m sure someone will read a book while being in critical condition from cancer. Harrison died in 2001 in LA so it may be pretty easy to see if Prasch was in California at the time according to his schedule since James lives in England. I can prove all the people I played with through photos and recordings so let’s see Amos do that.
    No these guys live in a world they created.
    That world would probably amaze even Walter Mitty.
    Saw your comment on Bill Randles blog
    Yes everyone is feeling pretty betrayed sooner or later by Prasch and Moriel the professional bridge burners.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lister is 62 meaning he was 19 in 1977 when Elvis died. So he was basically a kid who lived nearby and lived somewhat vicariously through Elvis. He probably saw the Memphis Mafia around the place. The Memphis Mafia engaged in Elvis’s bizarre obsessions such as thinking their replica and real Police badges made them real cops, so they all contributed to Elvis’s mental decline and his departure from reality. That’s them in 1970:

      With that in mind it’s interesting how neighborhood kid David Lister eventually became a part of the very similar Moriel Mafia with its fake Police, contributing to Prasch’s mental decline and his departure from reality.
      Your surroundings as a kid really go some way to outlining what you’ll become.
      He’d have done better growing up nearby Don Williams.


  2. The larger problem with James Gump is when people take the attitude of “O that Jacob” or “It’s just Jacob”. These enablers enable Prasch to continually sin because they know what happens. I was at an event held by a Moriel church in Columbus when Prasch at his “Meet and greet” a lady wanted her book signed and asked James if he ever had any books that he read and narrated. Prasch quickly replied ” Well I could read Lady Chatterley’s Lover to you and then laughed. The lady was an attractive blond and there was a line of people there as well as 2 members of the leadership of that church who just shook their heads and walked away. The lady was visibly uncomfortable and there was a line of people. The fact that Prasch felt comfortable with this and often telling bawdy jokes before conferences while the sponsor’s twinge shows you the power Prasch’s bullying has over people. Now Lister loves Prasch so he may correct him but Prasch never repents or changes and Lister knows that. Very bad place to be for both parties.


  3. Why Lister would continue to allow Prasch to make these statements publically is beyond me. Prasch in the clip is not joking around and does he not know or care this could really have some serious consequences? SMH


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