Servus Christi: 24 Days and Still Waiting for a Response to the Faked Marriage Allegation…

It seems like forever ago that JD Hall exposed Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez aka “Lydia” for the allegedly faked marriage and spiritual abuse of his wife, and the unseemly split he caused, and his drive to have her committed to a lunatic asylum in South Africa to shut her up from undermining his faux Christian “ministry” (or rather the Limited Liability Company as it is registered as now in Albuquerque). Beavis Christi had initially promised his fans and cheerleaders a swift response to the allegations which would leave his exposer writhing in torment:

That reply by Beavis was a couple of days after the exposé hit, and it is now 24 days after, and besides Beavis deleting questions about his marriage (particularly his wife’s friend Claudia’s ministry-terminating comment) he hasn’t managed provide his fans with any answers. As stated previously I’m happy to hear his side of things, but also as stated his continued silence only gives the appearance of guilt. So, has JD Hall well and truly hit the target with his exposé?

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