Til Cult Zenith!

As alluded to at the end of Episode 48, the Jacob Prasch Cult has reached Peak Stupid, so there are really only 3 routes available for them: 1) descending from those heights of tomfoolery, 2) dancing in circles around their Maypole/totem Prasch atop Peak Stupid, 3) ascending to Cult Zenith.

Observing them remain atop Peak Stupid for a couple of months so far has been highly amusing, but with Beavis Christi aka “Lydia” facing allegations of a sex scandal, and Prasch setting the groundwork for supporting him vehemently in it, it doesn’t seem like a descent from Peak Stupid (via stepping down from ministry, or repenting) will happen for a long time, if ever, so it seems the Prasch Doomsday Cult is heading for a long drawn-out time of the Cult’s major figures dancing around Prasch upon the summit of Peak Stupid, singing Jewish songs, intermittently reacting to cognitive dissonance by scratching themselves with rocks and screaming, and attacking people who expose them, with Prasch the whole time furiously chugging from his Jack Daniels bottle then puffing deeply from his narcissism inhaler and trying to usher in his Cult-specific spaceship (the Rapture via the Metatron) to take him and his disciples away from the impending dooooom of The Late Great Planet Earth.

If the disciples are so fool that they still accept Prasch is a man of God after he brazenly committed identity fraud in front of their very eyes, then I see no point in investing time in helping them see reality any more. I’ll only invest time in them again if they, in their mindless, cultic, religious mania, are taken by Prasch to Cult Zenith:

So until then I’ll occasionally put my ear to the ground to hear what’s approaching, but otherwise, from now, I’m going to go off on some other adventures.

Sayonara til cult zenith!