Til Cult Zenith! (+ update!)

As alluded to at the end of Episode 48, the Jacob Prasch Cult has reached Peak Stupid, so there are really only 3 routes available for them: 1) descending from those heights of tomfoolery, 2) dancing in circles around their Maypole/totem Prasch atop Peak Stupid, 3) ascending to Cult Zenith.

Observing them remain atop Peak Stupid for a couple of months so far has been highly amusing, but with Beavis Christi aka “Lydia” facing allegations of a sex scandal, and Prasch setting the groundwork for supporting him vehemently in it, it doesn’t seem like a descent from Peak Stupid (via stepping down from ministry, or repenting) will happen for a long time, if ever, so it seems the Prasch Doomsday Cult is heading for a long drawn-out time of the Cult’s major figures dancing around Prasch upon the summit of Peak Stupid, singing Jewish songs, intermittently reacting to cognitive dissonance by scratching themselves with rocks and screaming, and attacking people who expose them, with Prasch the whole time furiously chugging from his Jack Daniels bottle then puffing deeply from his narcissism inhaler and trying to usher in his Cult-specific spaceship (the Rapture via the Metatron) to take him and his disciples away from the impending dooooom of The Late Great Planet Earth.

If the disciples are so fool that they still accept Prasch is a man of God after he brazenly committed identity fraud in front of their very eyes, then I see no point in investing time in helping them see reality any more. I’ll only invest time in them again if they, in their mindless, cultic, religious mania, are taken by Prasch to Cult Zenith:

So until then I’ll occasionally put my ear to the ground to hear what’s approaching, but otherwise, from now, I’m going to go off on some other adventures.

Sayonara til cult zenith!

Update Christmas 2020

After making the above post, I ended up taking a look over my research and found a few things I’d wanted to report on over the years but never did, such as Prasch’s connection to the serial killer Son of Sam, Prasch having been handed over to Satan nationally in the UK, and writing about that caused me to stumble onto 2 more important documents exposing Prasch’s historic lunacy in Australia (which swelled The Jacob Prasch Files from 8 to 10 documents), which also caused me to stumble upon Prasch’s astonishing videoed claim—made in Australia—that his second in command at Moriel, David Lister, had “killed Elvis” in 1977. When finding a few minutes here and there to compile all those historic extras, JD Hall announced he would expose Prasch in early December, so I did my best to record all of that, which culminated in my 6000 word in-depth study of Prasch’s psychopathy that I’d scheduled for Christmas Day. In addition I’ve added an image to all the 128 articles so they look more interesting when you click share. My favourite one, by the way, is this one. Also I’ve found a few images I never posted before, such as this one that kind of sums up the cult’s central problem of Isolationism When In Obvious Sin:

…and this one that expresses the extreme idiocy of believing a man who has a Messiah complex and is stark raving mad, especially when he promotes people who are also clearly insane:

As I’m not able to track the cult this coming year 2021, and am therefore not going to find the time to do things like moderate the comments on this blog, and because a few weeks back the Prasch Cult posted a pretty obvious death threat on it aimed at the Menelaws (which has resulted in Police involvement in Britain), I’m closing the comments sections til Zenith. All the current comments—including the death threat—will remain visible.

Like I said in September I’ll keep my ear to the ground for the Cult going nuts and reaching Zenith, and in the event of that happening I’ll drop my True Crime stuff for a few days and cover it (as it could qualify as being national news), but other than that it’s not likely as I have various time constraints and goals to meet in 2021. It has been a lot of fun, though, exposing the insane Prasch cult and its leading figures as a bunch of imbeciles:

If you want to share any updates on the cult, and track them in their idiocy, there are forums available on other Prasch Cult research hubs Beware Of The Wolves and Closing Stages. Things to watch out for are Prasch’s 2019 Moriel salary being revealed in January, and Prasch’s evil son Eli’s criminal trial beginning probably around March/April which could give him 2 years in prison for domestic assault with a homemade weapon in Iowa, a result that may cause Prasch Jr. to beat his fugitive father to prison before the slow motion car crash that is Prasch Snr’s life and career eventually slides to a halt: