Jacob Prasch the hypocrite with his violent deadbeat son

Jacob Prasch has spent the last 11 days attacking the source of the dissonant information which is so effecting his personality cult: Chris Rosebrough revealed genealogical research that showed Prasch was a fake Jew who’d lied about his name and heritage to invent a Jewish facade from which to present himself as a leading Jewish Midrash teacher; Chris exposed the Prasch personality cult as a Doomsday Cult due to its extreme beliefs about the End Times; and Chris exposed Prasch’s Kabbalah belief that Jesus is the Metatron. Prasch, having no method of legitimately dealing with what Chris exposed, did his A-typical schtick and attacked with phoney information. He attacked Chris by regurgitating phoney allegations against Chris’s son Joshua, allegations which were—if Prasch had taken the time to research—were all debunked by Chris’s own church TWICE.

Research and reality don’t suit the muck-slinging Prasch though, so ignoring how the malicious claims against Joshua were debunked, he simply spewed them out again, using what was false as a means to discredit the father Chris, itself a means of stamping out the source of his cult’s painful cognitive dissonance, painful reality which has the power to destroy the cult and forever eradicate Prasch’s Jewish facade.

Howeverrrrrrr… since Prasch tried to discredit Chris by pointing at his innocent son, I thought I’d check to see if Prasch himself had tried to point out a non-existant speck in Chris’s eye when he had a speck in his own, making him a hypocrite by Jesus’s reckoning:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:3)

Annnnnnd, let’s just say, it’s not a speck. It’s not a plank. It’s an entire TREE. Here is my research:


While Prasch used innuendo and malicious, debunked fabrication against Chris’s son as a means of discrediting Chris, the information I found on Prasch’s son is all in the public record via the Iowan Police and an Iowan news channel that used information from the Iowan Police. In it all Prasch is once again exposed as a most raging hypocrite, meaning the standard by which he tried to take down Chris will be the measure by which Prasch must be held to, and since Prasch had tried to destroy Chris’s ministry and platform via his regurgitated fabrications, Prasch’s own “ministry” and platform must be removed as a consequence.


The above snapshot is a Iowan Police record see via a Bing.com cache. Caches only last a few weeks, but this is the still active cache as of 22 July 2020.

The cache records Officer Herman as the arresting officer, which may be Conner Herman on the left who was sworn in as an Iowa City Police Officer in 2018:


As the trial of Prasch’s evil criminal son approaches you can keep up to date with the proceedings by searching his name in the Iowa City Court website which records all the details. Here is a record of Prasch’s son’s upcoming trial:

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