Jacob Prasch lynches Bill Randles for a FIFTH time!

Last week Chris Rosebrough epically deconstructed Jacob Prasch’s mystique and exposed him as a Kabbalah teacher in three videos running at a couple of hours (video 1, video 2, video 3).  I half thought Prasch would exhibit an immediate knee-jerk reaction to it all.  But no.  However, the much lesser-known Pastor Bill Randles from Iowa, a former friend of Jacob Prasch, well, today he posted a minute video reiterating Chris’s concern about Prasch’s teaching, and guess what?!  Prasch, the destructive fake Jewish Golem, had an immediate knee-jerk reaction, penning a 1,735 word document and sending it out to all his remaining cult members!

Here is the epic rant of Prasch:


Why, you may ask, did such a short video pointing people to Chris’s videos result in such a sudden railing response from Prasch?  Well, the fact is Prasch in his lunatic asylum has a special place in his interpretation of Hell arranged for Bill Randles alongside Judas Iscariot, for last summer Prasch first went berserk against Bill and made the most idiotic cult video ever in which he tried his most manipulative language to attempt to coerce Bill Randles to commit suicide by hanging, all for the crime of…writing blog articles against him!


Prasch was unsuccessful in having his own personal Judas hang himself, but tried a further THREE times over the course of 2019 to destroy Bill Randles.  I documented each effort in this blog post, documentation which ultimately became important to this video which looked into the info Bill Randles has on Prasch about Prasch’s son who stayed with the Randles in 2018…


…information which Bill Randles hasn’t so far used against Prasch, oddly enough.  Knowing what I know about it, it’s quite remarkable that Bill has held back and it actually shows Bill has tried more than anyone else to save Prasch his blushes.  Funny in light of that effort to protect Prasch that Bill has gone to that Prasch simply ignores that grace and rants endlessly about Bill, pointing out his church problems, and tries to assassinate Bill’s character by linking him presently to a false teacher from the past—claims Bill has openly repeatedly responded to and explained well.

I can’t help but laugh at the sheer stupidity and absurdity of Prasch in trying to assassinate anyone’s character over perceived failings when Prasch himself is the most documented failure in the Christian world…EVER.

Prasch also tries to demean Pastor Bill by claiming nobody reads his books.  Yeah, well I’ve read two of Prasch’s authoritative books Shadows of the Beast and Harpazo and I was unable to read even one citation, because as esteemed theologian Anton Bosch discovered, Prasch never uses citations (and routinely makes up quotes).

Of note in Prasch’s epic rant is that whilst he mentions Chris Rosebrough multiple times, Prasch doesn’t mention any of the allegations against Prasch that Chris had reiterated in his videos, such as Prasch cybersquatting the South African Government for $1,500,000 over the course of many years.  Instead Prasch uses his 1,735 words to simply attack Chris and Bill, and multiple times uses his guilt by association ploy!

You see Prasch can only handle allegations which he can downplay by inflaming his cult audience entirely via their pre-existing biases against various denominations which he himself has created through his years of teaching them!  Once you see Prasch do this, you can’t unsee it, and it becomes a marker by which you can spot his subterfuge, thus much of his 1,735 word essay is, essentially, cultic subterfuge designed to whip idiots like Amos Farrell into cultic fervour, so that they can continue to believe the lie that Jacob Prasch is a trustworthy teacher!


For instance, look at the reply to Bill’s video that Colin Higgs (“Mr Dissonance Reduction” himself from episode 10, who “accidentally” called Jacob Prasch his “lord”) wrote in defence of Prasch:


Ahh, so according to Colin Higgs, people who speak out against Jacob Prasch are…“doing the work of the enemy”.  Really, Colin.  Perhaps the person doing the enemy’s work is the man whose entire life is built upon lies and exhibiting ZERO fruit of the Spirit over 23+ years of “ministry“.


I also see that 2 of Prasch’s Ultra cult members Amos Farrell and Petia have given their hearty approval to their thinker/protector’s railing:


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