Jacob Prasch and his Metatron version of Jesus

Screenshot_20200629-155136~2Chris Rosebrough who recently did an excellent exposé on Jacob Prasch’s doomsday cult has  presented evidence Jacob Prasch has a false Jesus—one from Kabbalah known as Metatron. This different Jesus would certainly go some way to explaining how Prasch claims to be in contact with a god (his ministry ‘Moriel’ means ‘god is my teacher’ in Hebrew) yet Prasch exhibits no evidence of contact with the true Christ’s Holy Spirit due to Prasch showing zero Fruit of the Spirit as per Galatians 5’s list of identifiers of the true Spirit’s involvement in mankind, and has lacked them over a sustained period of at least 32 years.

In his article posted in the Pirate Christian Museum of Idolatry Chris cites this blasphemous passage from Prasch’s 2009 newsletter {if Prasch hastily deletes the evidence you can view the full newsletter here in PDF format} (see centre column below):


Rosebrough also cites Prasch’s book Harpazo which states the same belief as seen in this video:


Additionally Mike Rogers wrote this article about Prasch’s Metatron beliefs, and Treena Gisborn wrote this one.

Frank Rogers found evidence of Prasch performing an altar call to his Metatron:

Chris has also raised the article’s topic in a follow-up video:

Chris also references Prasch’s fake Jewishness and his South African cybersquatting activity in follow-up memes:

Here’s my poster about it all:


Prasch’s false Jesus makes his attack on Amir Tsarfati in summer 2019 over Amir’s idea Jesus was the Archangel Michael (a belief shared by various Reformers, and Charles Spurgeon, and Matthew Henry, and one Amir only held briefly after reading Matthew Henry’s view) all the more ironic, and brutally hypocritical.

Here’s my 2 defences against Prasch’s attack on Amir wherein Prasch openly lied, saying Spurgeon, Henry and none of the Reformers believed Jesus was the Archangel Michael—which I disprove with various books of their writings: