Jacob Prasch: A Jack Daniels on the Rocks (or the hard place)

A couple of weeks ago, Amos Farrell (the bovine conspiracy theorist and member of the Moriel police squad) launched a witchhunt on his thinker and protector Jacob Prasch’s quarry and former friend Bill Randles. I touched on it briefly in this video, and suggested Prasch put his ventriloquist’s dummy Amos Farrell up to it (considering when Prasch had tried to witchhunt Randles in summer 2019 it blew up in his alcoholic-looking flushed face), and Prasch gave it his seal of approval by reposting it on his Moriel TV Facebook feed:

The witchhunt was based on Randles saying God loved the world once at the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Amos, like a typical village idiot, tried to force the conclusion that Bill was saying God doesn’t love the world in any other way pre or post crucifixion, and then tried to say Randles has a different Jesus or some similar trash. Amos was roundly ridiculed, although he was supported by the Moriel Ultras who are triggered at the whiff of blood into frenzied attack mode.

The Moriel Ultras in response to blood.

Randles in defence simply stated he was reiterating what respected theologian David Pawson taught. It was a classic moment as the Prasch camp don’t exactly want to point anybody to Pawson at the moment after Prasch has been humiliated by the re-release of David Pawson’s epic description of Prasch and his Ultras in a 1998 arbitration report which proved Prasch’s wickedness has been the same for at least 21 years, and his associates just as pathetic and gutless in holding him to account for his Satanic behaviour. Various other eye-opening documents from the same era can be read here.

Despite the exposing of Prasch this past year, and his railing self-filmed screaming sessions he freely shares with internet audiences which demonstrate his evil, Prasch miraculously still has a couple of supporters inside the Christian world. One of the key supporters/enablers has been Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, where its news-junkie-pretending-to-be-a-prophecy-teacher John Flubber Haller has acted in October 2019 as Prasch’s shameless advocate. And the Fellowship Bible Chapel pulpit has also been a common stage for Prasch to demonstrate his bad behaviour from, as during this very year of endless public witch-hunts, Prasch was at the FBC pulpit checking half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s list of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication. The FBC leaders have enabled Prasch—at the height of his godlessness—to still be presented as a Christian teacher to tens of thousands around the world, despite him exhibiting ZERO fruits of the Spirit yet perversely exhibiting more than half the deeds of the flesh, to the point where a spiritual abuse charity labelled Prasch a “pagan” who should be “excluded from the church“.

However, as Prasch, through his ventriloquist dummy Amos, has been gunning with his faulty discernment blunderbuss for Bill Randles for teaching God loved once at Calvary, the pastor of Fellowship Bible Chapel, Steve Mitchell, decided last week to publicly teach the SAME thing:

So, are Amos and his dummy master Jacob Prasch the fake Jew going to be consistent in their argumentation and call Steve Mitchell a heretic and witchhunt him across social media? Well, it’s between a rock and a hard place for the sozzled old slob Prasch and his bottle of Jack Daniels, as if he is inconsistent and ignores Steve Mitchell teaching the same thing as he is witchhunting Randles for then it proves the Moriel squad have targets whose words they twist as a pretext to destroy them, and if Prasch is consistent and attacks Steve Mitchell for the same thing he illegitimately attacked Randles for, then that will immediately close the door on him slumping over a chair at the FBC pulpit jealously ranting at Dr James White.

So which is it going to be?

2 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: A Jack Daniels on the Rocks (or the hard place)

  1. I wish you were nicer about John. He doesn’t work for Moriel. He has little contact with them. John is a good man.
    I actually brought up immediately to Moriel about Steve preaching the same thing as Bill.
    Bad decision on my part. I’ve been taking a beating since then. I’ve been lied about. I will just say go to Amos page on YouTube and read the comments. Im beginning to think Reginald Uke is Jacob Prasch. Im shocked at the lies. I would not do what he accused me of.


    1. Haller ‘works’ for Prasch in enabling him, advising him on his fool lawsuits, and yearly gives the incorrigible drunk a platform at FBC. He earns zero courtesy points from me.

      With Reginald Uka, he’s just a silly fool Prasch Cult member in the UK. His mind seems so dominated by his ‘lord’ Prasch that everything he writes sounds like Prasch, but that’s just because he can’t do his own thinking so parrots Prasch. However if you read Uka’s long-winded posts you’ll see flashes of sheer idiocy the type even a drunk Prasch doesn’t utter.

      I’ve encourage you about a year to cut ties with the fool cult, Linda, but you keep cropping up in the midst of every new cult witchhunt. You’ve gained a really crap reputation because of it. Why do you stick with them, Linda?

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