Charles W. Douglas Slams Prasch in his Echo Chamber

The Moriel Scottish Conference earlier this month (November 2019) saw Prasch unjustly and slanderously rail against a godly Scottish Christian woman in session 1 and 3, with Prasch looking drunk by the third session.  Going under the radar by contrast was his co-speaker Charles W. Douglas.  Because Charles is relatively unknown and retired from the ministry he couldn’t be contacted to be warned about who Prasch was in the lead-up to the conference.  Charles, however, would have realised what he’d gotten himself into when sat listening to Prasch’s attacks coupled with his boasts about his ministry Moriel TV.  But it appears Charles responded

To set things up, watch this clip from Session 1 of Prasch boasting about the 170-180% increase in Moriel TV YouTube subscribers which Prasch is falling back on as his conferences dry up:

Now watch Charles in Session 4 use Prasch’s example of his Moriel TV growth as a warning about… “ADVANCING THE CULT OF PERSONALITY” which Charles says paves the way for the Antichrist.

High five to Charles!  Epic slam on slobbering oaf, fake Jew, and personality cult leader Prasch right in the middle of his echo chamber!

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