Now Google Exposes Jacob Prasch!

Today (15 November 2019) I Google searched the name Jacob Prasch and was quite happy to learn that Google’s information-compiling algorithm meant that the top result was my description of him from this blog! Look:

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 16.19.33

So the truth about his railing and his attacking the innocent alongside the guilty is being spread. The description was written before it was discovered that Jacob Prasch had faked his identity as a half-Jew, so the above Google result, like most of the season one videos, introduce him still as Jewish-American.

Also I found the top result in the next Google tab menu for videos is Graham Baldwin’s first exposé video into Prasch’s spiritual abuse. This is fantastic as it means those first encountering Prasch will find out the truth about him from the beginning. The downside is his present cult members won’t be reached with them having already learned to escape such cognitive dissonance.

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