John Haller: Devil’s Advocate [Faking Prophecy to Enable a Devil]

On Saturday 5th October 2019, John Haller was teaching at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Canada Conference in Richmond, BC. From there he did his Prophecy Update, his wildly popular and wildly repetitive rehashing of the news, repackaged as Christian discernment (instead of the possible reality of it being closer to TV addiction from a news junkie).
However, for his current affairs/prophecy recap schtick, Haller dredged up a very suspiciously non-current story from last year to make an incredibly strained point about “prophecy”. It was so obviously forced and tenuous, that it was almost as if Haller the professional attorney was trying to plead a very specific case, in front of a very specific audience, for a very specific person who has been exposed by Christians as a devil in their midst…….


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