Jacob Prasch Barks to Questioner, “Sir, You HAVE To LEAVE The Building!”

This is the FOURTH and final update to the segment from the film ‘Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General’ ( vimeo.com/313843746 ) which initially listed the 9 people Jacob Prasch has demanded debate him (debates of course which never happened).

After it was released more ’bouts’ were uncovered, swelling the size of the now standalone clip:

First Edition (20 Bouts): vimeo.com/314721434
Second Edition (28 Bouts): vimeo.com/353742027
Third Edition (42 Bouts): vimeo.com/364255468
Fourth Edition (56 Bouts): [the video below]

In this edition, after Prasch lists all the people he secretly doesn’t want to debate but says he wants to for the sake of the steady flow of narcissistic supply the demands give him, Prasch lists 2 people from the Toronto Vineyard nonsense, but immediately finds himself being heckled by a member of the audience causing Prasch -in the midst of calling for public debates- to demand that this opponent depart the building, whilst plying him with the perfectly stupid claim that after his talk people are welcome to debate. It’s a bit hard to debate someone when you just had them thrown out the building! But that is the Prasch strategy in action, to call for debate, then do everything possible to undermine the chances of being questioned.
If you think about it, if Prasch had actually debated some of these 56 people, he’d have realised he isn’t right about everything (or right about much, even), and may have been humbled, but since he has avoided it, he has steadily bricked himself inside his ivory tower (or echo chamber), only allowing in the people who agree with him, thus resulting in him becoming the leader of his own personality cult.

The ’bout’ list now is:
Anton Bosch
John MacArthur
Rick Warren
Nicky Gumbel
Gary Burge
Chuck Colson
R.T. Kendall
Stewart Menelaws
Stephen Sizer
Phil Johnson
Francis Chan
Anthony Hilder
Paul Manwaring
Dr. Michael Brown
Phillip Church
Hank Hannergraaff
Chris Rosebrough
JD Hall
Todd Friel
Paul Wilkinson
Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
Rabbi Shmuel Arkush
Robert Sungenis
Scott Hahn
JD Farag
Dr. Thomas Ice
John Piper
David Nathan
Jan Markell
Ahmed Deedat
Rabbi Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach
Daniel Juster
Craig Kacev
Karl Keating
Bill Johnson
Steven Furtick
Gayle Erwin
Ian Bilby
Wayne Hughes
Phil Pringle
Leif Munk
Stephen Tollestrup
Greg Laurie
Gustav Scheller
Rick Joyner
Gary Demar
Bill Subritzky
Wynne Lewis
Warwick Shenton
Andrew Evans
David Cartledge
Phil Hills
Kevin Conner
John Arnott
Rodney Howard-Browne
Carl Lentz

I can’t fit any more names on the screen so I figure this is the natural end to this bit of research, but if you do stumble upon any other person Prasch has demanded to debate him, then please post a link to the YouTube video in the comments section below.


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