Jacob Prasch: Fake Debater Extraordinaire

In a previous blog post I talked about fake Jew Jacob Prasch’s rationale for demanding debates from dozens of religious leaders, then deliberately not pursuing them (or undermining them so they don’t happen). That post was written when the number of debate demands to Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim leaders/teachers stood at a massive 28. After recently doing a spot more research I’ve uncovered a further FOURTEEN demanded debates, meaning now a full 42 people have received their social media summons to the court of Prasch.

The 42 are:
Anton Bosch
John MacArthur
Rick Warren
Nicky Gumbel
Gary Burge
Chuck Colson
R.T. Kendall
Stewart Menelaws
Stephen Sizer
Phil Johnson
Francis Chan
Anthony Hilder
Paul Manwaring
Dr. Michael Brown
Phillip Church
Hank Hannergraaff
Chris Rosebrough
JD Hall
Todd Friel
Paul Wilkinson
Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
Rabbi Shmuel Arkush
Robert Sungenis
Scott Hahn
JD Farag
Dr. Thomas Ice
John Piper
David Nathan
Jan Markell
Ahmed Deedat
Rabbi Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach
Daniel Juster
Craig Kacev
Karl Keating
Bill Johnson
Steven Furtick
Gayle Erwin
Ian Bilby
Wayne Hughes
Phil Pringle
Leif Munk
Stephen Tollestrup

Here are the 42 demands:

In this 3rd edition Prasch breaks out Goliath’s sword and threatens decapitation of a rival(!!). It is actually an ideal view of the failure of Prasch’s Midrash teaching (which contrasts OT and NT and tries to draw parallels and consequently draws them out into present day), with Prasch’s fool conclusion to David & Goliath being that when you debate someone you are comparatively the shepherd David attacking Goliath, the Bible is comparatively David’s stones in his slingshot, Goliath is comparatively your debate opponent, and Goliath’s sword is comparatively a false belief system, and therefore since David cut off the head of his opponent with his own sword, Prasch thinks he’s to take the false belief system of his opponent and execute them with it! This is total nonsense and you could insert any situation into any in the Bible as a means of justifying a godless bent to attack people as Prasch commonly does. By teaching Midrash whilst being an angry person, Prasch has reduced it into his system of destroying others. He is a dangerous lunatic in my honest opinion.

The original video wherein Prasch stuck his head in the Midrash vice and tightened it until he believed he was King David, can be seen in all its ‘glory’ here:

If you know of any more demanded debates from Prasch please post a YouTube link in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Fake Debater Extraordinaire

    1. My favourite part of Prasch’s challenge:

      “Andrew, whether you are a biblical ignoramus, a deceiving liar, or both – I do not know.” (Jacob Prasch)

      I’ve heard Prasch break out this type of forced Catch-22 logic a few times. Prasch’s scope of vision for people who have differing opinions is so narrow and his tolerance of them so small, that a person in disagreement with him is reduced to either
      1) a moron
      2) a deceived moron.

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