Jacob Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles (TWICE!)

So today, 22nd September 2019, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries has just stated they (Moriel) won’t be supporting Bible teacher Bill Randles any longer due to the following reasons:

Important Announcement re: Bill Randles and Moriel. Sep 22, 2019

The board of Moriel Ministries finds that Moriel Ministries can no longer be supportive of the ministry of Bill Randles due to doctrinal differences.

The continued support and promotion by Bill Randles of various false teachers of serious false doctrines that Moriel finds heretical are of great concern to the Moriel board.”

(Source: http://moriel.org/latest/latest-news/important-announcement-re-bill-randles-and-moriel-sep-22-2019.html)

Jacob Prasch has over the past year stated the same type of accusation against various people, such as David Nathan (using faked information against David), and Stewart and Deborah Menelaws (for providing David Nathan a platform to defend himself), and Anton Bosch (for proving Prasch made spelling mistakes in his books), and Amir Tsarfati (for stating Charles Spurgeon and Matthew Henry believed the Archangel Michael is Jesus -which they did believe).
In each case Prasch lied to his entrenched followers (‘disciples’ even) to turn people against godly people, sparking ‘witch-hunts’.

In summer 2019 Prasch upped the ante and turned on his former friend Bill Randles and publicly coerced him into committing suicide, the way a cult leader would coerce followers.
However, Randles stood up to Prasch and publicly questioned why people defer to Prasch and don’t question him. Good question!

A few weeks later (today) Prasch has tried to off Randles again, this time with the above message plastered all over his Moriel TV Facebook feed. And as always, Prasch’s followers immediately believed Prasch, despite Prasch providing ZERO evidence to back up his claims against Randles. Prasch is a dangerous nut.

To get up to speed with Prasch’s witch-hunts against Bill Randles, watch these 2 videos from the 24-part series on Prasch’s godless behaviour, from summer and last week:

Muri ga toreba dori hikkomu!

Season 2:6 (Episode 18) Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles

Season 2:12 (Episode 24) Jacob Prasch: The End.


3 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles (TWICE!)

  1. It is amazing just how clear Scripture is concerning how we are to deal with erroring brethren yet Prasch shows is dissidence and rebellion to God’s word and even shows just how cold his heart is. When you travel in partnership with someone for nearly 20 years and then just throw them into the ditch without any pause, well, it may be he is sociopath. Then to claim its because Bill Randles share the pulpit with heretics when Prasch himself is guilty of the same is astounding.


    1. I recently listened to an chat between Justin Peters and Costi Hinn about Costi’s uncle Benny Hinn. He says something very interesting, along the lines of ‘When my uncle teachers the Gospel he teaches it better than most Gospel teachers.” Costi is aware Benny isn’t even a Christian, yet says he still knows how to turn on the truth tap sufficiently enough to tick a few boxes before fleecing the flock. Prasch isn’t so obvious because top of his list isn’t money, but rather, it seems, he is after a steady stream of narcissistic supply from having fools bow down before him and coo at every statement he makes.
      The Prasch schtick is to turn the tap of truth for a while, then turn on the mysticism tap with his Midrash and Kabbalah to hook the simple with his unveiled information the way a guru would (the way Stewart Traill did?), or load up the blunderbuss and begin shooting at anything that moves in a direction other than his.
      I’m at a loss as to how people like Benny Hinn and Jacob Prasch can KNOW all the verses that condemn their behaviour, yet still flat out ignore them! In Justin Peter’s recent video about Benny Hinn’s “repentance”, he states Benny is in the group who Scripture says is “deceiving and being deceived”. I’d put Prasch in the same category.


      1. Yea I haven’t look into the Kabbalah Prasch teaches but I know it is rooted in the cults. Your right, Jacob like Hinn know how present truth but then that’s the best method for presenting falsehood. Both then are Soren together. I have found many times Prasch uses language the common man doesn’t understand talking over peoples heads.


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