A Warning to the Church about Jacob Prasch


Over the past 10 months Jacob Prasch has been found to be a fake Jew, is being investigated for spiritual abuse and bullying of Christians, has been caught in innumerable lies, and has been exposed endlessly as a godless railer who attacks sound Christian ministries with fake information, utilising phoney argumentation, with the desire to humiliate and destroy the children of God. Nonetheless Prasch refuses to acknowledge blame, refuses to repent, refuses to stand down, and forces himself into various churches around the world as a means of maintaining his platform to attack people.
On 16th August 2019 he is embarking on a Fall tour with 40 dates in churches, hotels and town halls around the world, from New Zealand to Great Britain. If Prasch is coming to your church this Fall then this video is a warning about the person your minister has chosen to allow to roam among the sheep under his protection.

All information alluded to in this short video is covered in-depth in the 11+ hours of videos listed below. Click here for Season One, here for Season Two, and here for Season Three.


See episode 19 for a list of major sins from Prasch and the corresponding video in which to view the evidence in.
The most in-depth look at Prasch’s charade about being a Jew is here: bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2019/04/is-jacob-prasch-fake-jew.html

Prasch claiming his name comes from ‘Pharisee’ can be seen here:

And here are some more peculiar statements from Prasch that only make sense if he’s saying he’s half Jewish, which we know he isn’t.

Fonzy‘s research found that Prasch claimed on Christian TV at the start of a debate with Palestinian Alex Awad that he is “ethnically a combination of Jewish and Gentile“, which is a bit odd considering he’s 100% Irish-American according to Treena’s aforementioned research.

Update August 2020

Jacob Prasch has in July attempted to prove he is Jewish by presenting various documents in high-resolution video. Chris Rosebrough exposed those documents as fake in this video. Prasch also presented a DNA report claiming he was Jewish, so I exposed this as fraud in episode 48 of the Jacob Prasch series:

5 thoughts on “A Warning to the Church about Jacob Prasch

    1. Hi Linda.
      Unfortunately the video you linked to doesn’t deal with any of the things I warned the church about.
      However, maybe you can ask Prasch about why he has lied for decades and built a ministry on being half Jewish when he’s 100% Irish-American, why he falsified information about Christians in order to witchhunt them, and why he ordered his Moriel admins to fake a police report. He hasn’t answered to any of that. Thanks if you can do that.


  1. What specifically do you want me to ask him?
    1. About his Jewish Ancestry.
    2. Can you tell me the date of the police report please? And I will ask.
    Anything else?


    1. Hi Linda,

      Did you have any luck in getting a response from him?
      I’m open to Prasch being half-Jewish (it isn’t a stretch for me since I believed that for years till I saw Treena’s research in Spring 2019), but I find it suspicious that he hasn’t broached the topic publicly in all the time since the allegation arose.


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