PowerPlayPause began as a simple project to help people like my friend from Bible school in Japan who got caught up in the Bethel cult in Redding, California.
The idea was to simply take Bethel’s ministry videos and give them pause for thought, and apply logical conclusions to the statements found within, to show how far out and often lunatic Bethel’s leaders and chosen speakers are.
It was then left for a year or two after having touched on a couple of non-Bethel people too. But then in 2018 it became the place to defend the innocent who a Satanic cult leader called Jacob Prasch (and his gang of idiots ‘Servus Christi’ and Amos Farrell) began falsely accusing and slandering across social media.

If your friends or family get involved in either cult, please send links to the videos on this website and have them weigh them up…

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